MLM Recruiting – Do You Really Need the Internet

MLM Recruiting – Do You Really Need the Internet

Some networkers seem to be really dragging their feet when it comes to getting on board with the new way of marketing their business and doing MLM recruiting. It seems to some as if the internet is only a thorn in their side. So the question comes up, do you really need the internet?

The reality is, if a network marketer is not taking advantage of the internet right now, or already more importantly, not providing some sort of education, they are missing out on customers, prospects and downline members that are being snapped up by people who are using the internet.

For example, if a networker is making a routine 50 cold calls a day or making 3 new contacts a day while performing their work and daily routine, they may just happen to come across someone who’s at the right identify in their life and legitimately looking for an opportunity. Let’s say that the networker has caught them at just the right minute in their day where they’re willing to take the time to listen to them. And let’s say the networker truly manages to arouse the person’s curiosity enough so they’re interested in finding out more.

the time of MLM recruiting events goes like this: The networker sets up an appointment with the person to describe the opportunity, the 3-way call with the sponsor and the prospect is scheduled, the prospect is invited to attend a conference call about the opportunity, a DVD or an email with a link to a video that’s all about the opportunity is sent, or the prospect gets sent to the dramatically company website which is also all about the one-of-a-kind opportunity. That’s total of 6 pitches already.

Meanwhile, the prospect is researching online themselves about the network marketing opportunity and they discover someone who is providing a free report concerning why most people don’t succeed with their home based business or maybe some free videos concerning how to get leads for free using the net instead of talking to friends and family. Usually what happens is the prospect will provide their name and e-mail in exchange for this information and probably disregard the appointment they set up in the first place. The prospect starts receiving more emails offering useful information from the networker who is using the internet and providing information and it is seen as a helpful guide from someone who’s looking out for them. Trust is built and ultimately the prospects asks how they can do duplicate the time of action. So, the question ‘do you really need the internet’ is answered….as networker #1 just lost a rule and sabotages their own MLM recruiting efforts.

At the bare minimum, networkers need to be online to protect their offline MLM recruiting efforts. As millions of people are getting online, networkers who are applying simple allurement marketing techniques are gathering up prospects in great numbers. So one can see that the answer to whether or not the internet needs to be used is a resounding yes. Luckily the internet hasn’t come close to reaching its complete possible so there’s nevertheless plenty of opportunity to learn and use this mega marketing tool.

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