Monthly Home Maintenance Tips – February

Monthly Home Maintenance Tips – February

In today’s busy society, many homeowners, like me, don’t necessarily know or do the things that we should each month to keep our homes in good operating order. For your assistance, here’s a checklist for the month of February. This course of action is simple and will help you to develop good habits for year-round home maintenance. Follow my preventative tips each month to keep your home in good working order, discover possible problems before they happen, and keep your home warranty company happy and working for you.

1. Check air filters. Replace if dirty.

2. Inspect foundation walls for signs of termites. This is a must do in subtropical climates like Central Florida. Look for tunnels or dirt bridges, and contact a specialized exterminator if you speculate a problem.

3. Inspect and clean gutters. All straps, clips, and spikes should be fastened firmly. Flush debris from downspouts and make sure that they and splashbacks direct water at the minimum 3 feet away from your foundation.

4. Inspect roof eaves for leak stains. Check for loose, cracked, or missing shingles and for loose granules on asphalt shingle roofs. Go into your attic and check underneath the roof for stains that indicate leaking. Asphalt shingle roofs can generally be expected to last 10 – 12 years in Florida.

5. Check hoses around washing machine for leaks. Replace if necessary.

I hope you find this checklist helpful. Each month, tips for maintaining your home will be provided in an additional report. For a complete report, Monthly Home Maintenance Tips: January by December, visit [], or email Kimberly at [email protected]

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