More about LASIK

More about LASIK

A fleeting Introduction to LASIK

With the arrival of laser, LASIK procedures shot into prominence ever since the first LASIK procedure was performed in 1991 in the United States. Since then, there has been a expansion in LASIK eye surgery centers started all over the United States. The number of LASIK vision correction procedures performed in the United States alone so far stands at more than three million. The growth in the number of LASIK eye centers was due to:

o Shorter recovery times

o Faster operation times

o Increased accuracyn levels

Where to Find LASIK Clinics?

Now you may ask the question – where do I find a LASIK clinic? More importantly, how do I determine which is a good LASIK center? The Internet makes your job that much easier. You can log onto the Internet and put out a search for in any case aspect of LASIK you want information on. For basic information about the availability of LASIK centers in different parts of America, just kind the location you are looking at and the information LASIK after or before it. This becomes the keyword based on which you search for the information you require.

To look for a LASIK clinic in New York, you would kind the following in the Search field of your Internet search engine:

o lasik new york

o lasik nyc

To look for information regarding LASIK in New Jersey, you would kind:

o lasik nj

o lasik New Jersey

Some other examples for location-oriented searches for LASIK-related information are:

o lasik dallas

o lasik san diego

o lasik colorado

o lasik denver

o lasik virginia

o lasik niagara

o lasik washington

o bellevue lasik

o lasik milwaukee

o lasik houston

o lasi sacramento

o lasik seattle

o lasik michigan

o lasik austin

o lasik texas

o lasik tampa

o lasik phoenix

o lasik kansas city

o lasik atlanta

o lasik san francisco

o lasik los angeles

o lasik cincinnati

o lasik boston

o manhattan lasik

o lasik washington dc

o lasik md

Finding the Right LASIK Center

With so many LASIK clinics around, how do you zero in on a good one? Each clinic’s website claims it to be the best, providing cutting edge technologies, etc. So how do you know which of them to go to? Here you should keep one thing in mind – what is best according to them might not always be what is best for you. So a good idea is to go by these sites, do some research on the Internet, make comparative studies (like doing comparative shopping when buying health insurance online) and then take a call on which one suits your requirements best. That has to be the criteria that determines which is the best.

Another way to find out is if you know people who have been to these clinics, or from friends. You can always take an opinion from experienced people. Their opinion can go a long way in taking you to the clinic of your choice. You can also take your optometrist’s advice and choose the one he thinks would be best for you.

How much does LASIK Cost?

When you do a comparative examination of the prices of different LASIK procedures, as also the price of LASIK procedures in different clinics, you will notice that LASIK prices vary from one procedure to another. Some of the factors that influence LASIK pricing are:

o State of the patient’s eyesight

o Location of the clinic

The dominant reason for variation of the cost of LASIK procedures is the dependence of the procedure on the state of the patient’s vision. For a patient with reasonably good vision, the LASIK procedure cost would be much lower than that for a patient with bad vision. This is because in such a case, the amount of correction or corneal readjustment would be much more.

On the Internet, there are sites that dedicate time and space to providing comparisons between the pricing of different LASIK procedures. Offline, the Review of Ophthalmology states that in 2003 the average LASIK surgery cost was $1,700, but in the Midwest it was lower than that, probably lesser by a associate of hundred dollars. Ever since, prices have been steadily rising and today the average cost of a LASIK procedure is anywhere between $1800 and $2000. This kind of figure has been steadily increasing, as pointed out by different publications and surveys online.

LASIK eye surgery cost also depends on the pricing opted for by different centers. Some centers may make use of upgraded technology, and hence may charge more than other centers that nevertheless use traditional LASIK procedures. The cost of LASIK surgery may seem a bit steep, but if you are serious about correcting your eye problems, LASIK is a very viable procedure, more so because of the number of procedural options it provides you with.

LASIK Centers

There are quite a few LASIK centers across the length and breadth of the United States. Some of these are LASIK chains, and are very well-known, have more publicity that keeps them visible, and provide excellent facilities. Some of these LASIK chains are:

o LasikPlus

o The LASIK Vision Institute


o Laser Vision Centers

o LCA Vision

o Lasik Center

o Icon LASIK

o The LASIK Eye Institute

There are many more such national chains of LASIK clinics. To find them, you can again put out a search on the Internet. Most of these have their own websites and provide detailed information about their sets, their skill sets, equipment used, fees, and any other information applicable to their business. Besides these chains, there are also individual LASIK doctors in various clinics with high levels of skill in performing LASIKS procedures. A LASIK doctor is much sought after these days, and a good LASIK doctor can be easily found in any of these facilities.

More than that, there are also sites that give you a rating for the different clinics, based on their equipment, cost, service and a large number of other factors. So all you have to do is log on, compare what is on offer, check the ratings, and then decide which clinic you want to visit. Remember that the ratings are generic. The top-rated clinic may not be the one that will give you what you are looking for!








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