Moving Away From Negative Energy

Moving Away From Negative Energy

Some of the most malicious and destructive psychic attacks originated out of an ignorant thought form from someone who has no clue of the damages they are projecting. These are all too shared in today’s competitive world of jealousy, arrogance, greed, and envy. Each and every one of us have had these negative thought forms attaching themselves to us at some point in time. Affecting us numerous ways of depressions, energy drained, fear, and nightmares are just a few of these dreadful incidents not to mention the actual physical occurrences of objects flying across the room. Accidents occurring when there is no logical explanation of the incident is another sign of a localized accumulation of negative energy.

It is important to recognize these negative pockets of energy not for identifying its source but to attract a positive solution to dispel it. Once we shift our perception from the negative energy, we then open up to the greater flow of positive energy. From this viewpoint alone we are able to clearly see how we have personally reacted under the stress of negativity. We then have control over it at that point because we have stepped out of the way of being victimized to being an observer.

As an observer we are able to fully recognize the negative patterns that manipulate peoples energy, goals, and projects for their lives. By seeing it for what it is, we are able to develop our own maneuvers to stop the loss and promote the healing. It is only by detaching from any emotional reaction that liberates us past these pockets of negative energy. Once you concede that all those involved were behaving with in any case intelligence or ignorance they had it is easy to detach from the situation and forgive them. Creating a positive solution can now be established without any preference for the situation.

There are many disciplines that are effective in repelling negative energies such as visualizations, prayers, meditative imagery in addition as sound and light frequency generators. in any case resource you choose, the challenge is to put all of this into daily practice. It is basic that you develop a specific routine. We live within fields of a clever, responsive, energy-dynamic universe, in which other people’s anticipations and assumptions radiate outward to influence us.

The last step, consequently, is to raise your own energy field so that you not only move out of negative energy pockets but that you create a new pocket of positive energy by your intention and your attitude wherever you go. It’s all about energy. Everything, including ourselves, is nothing more than a field of energy, all interacting and influencing each other. You can do this, I can do this, we can all do this together.

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