Mysterious Flirting – Attract Men, Women Or An Ex By Playing A True Hard To Get

Mysterious Flirting – Attract Men, Women Or An Ex By Playing A True Hard To Get

Everyone loves a mysterious person. Women like Marilyn Monroe kept men on their toes, as they didn’t know if she was a sex-pot, a dumb blonde or a shy belle.

Men like James Dean kept women hot and bothered, wondering if he was really as bad as he seemed, or if that sensitive man that appeared every once in awhile in his movies was the true James Dean.

If you’re looking to attract a member of the opposite sex, you would do well to become a little mysterious yourself.

1) Hard To Get Or Hard To Want?

Everyone’s heard that you should play hard to get in order to attract the person you like. There’s one problem with this: if you play hard to get too hard, you become hard to want.

People that keep too aloof from their hearts desire often give the wrong impression. Their standoffishness makes the other person believe that you have no interest in them, which makes them, in turn, change their interest away from you and towards someone who will appreciate their advances, however subtle.

Instead of playing hard to want, play a true hard to get.

Let them know that you’re interested in them by using a little flirting! Flirting can be done tastefully, and will let your beloved know that you have got your eye on them.

Above all, make sure that you concede any advances that are made. If their eyes fall on yours, make sure they know that you have seen them. If they smile at you, smile back!

2) Mysterious Flirting 101

We’ve all seen people who take flirting to a sickening level: those women that lay all over men’s laps, and those men that do their best to grope the women they like.

True flirting begins with mysterious looks, not touches. To begin flirting with your beloved, make eye contact.

Your eyes are the best way to show exactly how you feel about your beloved, so put your feelings into them!

An experiment was conducted where scientists took a mother of a baby and hid her smile and nose with a cloth. All the baby could see was his mother’s eyes.

If the mother smiled, the baby could tell and responded. If the mother frowned, the baby could also tell.

This proves that you can accomplish a great amount, simply by putting your interests into your eyes. But how, exactly, do you do that?

The best way is to show that you’re telepathic. We are, after all, a little slightly intuitive and psychic. All of us possess that bit of six sense which we don’t use quite often.

Look into your loved one’s eyes and pretend that you are speaking by your thoughts alone. This should be easily conveyed by your eyes, and if they’re looking, they’ll understand very quickly.

The next step is speaking. This is where you can truly build a mysterious air around yourself.

Some people are open books: they say everything that is on their mind and give you their complete life story after you’ve met them for half an hour.

3) Don’t do this!

You want to leave your beloved wanting more. It’s similar to eating a succulent strawberry. If you eat the complete strawberry in one bite, it’s all gone.

If, however, you take only a small bite out of the strawberry, your appetite gets whetted for more. Make your beloved want more, by giving them only a little taste of who you really are.

Do NOT lie about yourself: that sets up the relationship for a disastrous ending.

Instead, give a piece at a time. Giving your name, if they don’t already know it, is the perfect place to start. You do not need to give a last name, or a middle name; just a first name, or in any case it is you prefer to be called.

Last names can wait until you know each other a bit better. If they ask what your last name is, say something silly and sexy, such as: “Stick around long enough and you’ll find out.”

4) The Mysterious Look

There are different definitions on how to look mysterious, depending on if you are a man or a woman.

a) A Woman:

A woman can reach a mysterious look in a number of ways, beginning with hair.

If you do not have bangs, get your hairdresser to create fluffy, long bangs. Longer bangs give you a chance to to peek briefly casually upwards by them at your guy.

Try wearing the same perfume, so that he associates you with a particular smell.

b) A Man:

A man can reach a mysterious air about him with clothes. Black always makes a woman think that a man is mysterious, and slightly dangerous, which is always attractive.

Put on a light scent; nothing too strong or she’ll remember you as being a smelly, mysterious man.

When it comes to hair, just make sure to keep it cut neatly and out of your eyes.

You can use these tips not only on a prospective date, but on someone you’ve been with for a long time! You can ramp up the mystery in yourself already if you’ve been married for over twenty years. Your spouse may think they know everything about you, but there are always new things to learn!

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