NBA East – 2 Beasts and No Back

NBA East – 2 Beasts and No Back

The NBA East for several years has been the ineffective sister of the NBA, compared to the NBA’s West. It has never been more glaring than now, when the elite such as the Los Angeles Lakers, San Antonio Spurs, Phoenix Suns and several other teams make it the deepest conference perhaps in NBA history.

The NBA Eastern Division appears to be a two-team race, and has been for most of the NBA Season. The Boston Celtics have been in the driver’s seat in the Atlantic all season, and are cruising to the division title. The Detroit Pistons are doing likewise in the Central. The Orlando Magic, with young phenom Dwight Howard, are in control of the Southeast.

Sadly enough, there will be several teams that will make the NBA Playoffs out of the Eastern Conference with losing records. That is what you get when 8 teams make the NBA Playoffs from the East. This no doubt to keep fan interest, albeit in a fake capacity considering the woeful records.

Outside of the Boston Celtics, Orlando Magic and Detroit Pistons, the conference is boring and filled with mediocrity. The Toronto Raptors are substantial, and the Cleveland Cavaliers are always competitive while LeBron James is in uniform. The Chicago Bulls are probably the biggest disappointment in the East, while the Atlanta Hawks also fizzled when expected to make some kind of impact.

So the Detroit Pistons and Boston Celtics keep at the head of the class, looking for all the world like the clash for the East will go by one or both.

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