New Legal Document Recording

New Legal Document Recording

With the rise of the ever evolving computer and the internet, the workplace is shifting from the heavy paper filing to an easier solution of electronic documents. With just a personal computer, a scanner, and an internet connection, you can examine files and send them to the county office to be recorded and be rid of the unnecessary bulk of filing paper legal documents at your business.

E-recording is the new solution to the time consuming task of filing legal documents at the county recorders. It is required by the agent or company to file at the County Recorder’s Office whenever a legal deal such as a public character record, mortgage, land record, title record, deed, etc. is processed. Originally, a runner employed by an attorney, bank, or agent was required to excursion to the county office and wait in line or mail the documents. E-recording allows you to simplify and accelerate this course of action by scanning the documents at your business computer and submitting them via the internet. consequently, it eliminates the painful task of waiting in lines at the end of the day or paying the rising costs of postage.

For this service to work, your county must adopt this service. For a small fee, both the county and the business can adopt the service and avoid the delay of paper processing. Plus, the business can send documents to multiples counties at no additional charge. The county office can assistance because they now have access to a steady supply of documents waiting to be processed at their fingertips, instead of the large piles of paper and line longs of waiting customers.

This service is vital to any legal business that must course of action paperwork to the county record’s office. E-recording will accelerate your document workflow, reduce costly recordation methods, and enhance your level of service to your clients. It allows you to send your document quickly and once it is processed, it is closest obtainable for retrieval for use the same day. E-recording requires no additional hardware and setup takes only a few minutes.

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