Nursing – Carelessness and Malpractices

Nursing – Carelessness and Malpractices

In recent times we have witnessed quite a few reports of malpractices by doctors and nurses alike. Shocking as it may be negligence and malpractices are rising at an upsetting rate. Being medical professionals and having have taken the oath of Hippocrates, it is extremely shameful and dangerous for licensed professionals to act this way.

Generally a malpractice in nursing is the outcome of negligence by the specialized, consequently causing physical and emotional hurt to the patient under care. Mistakes during surgical assistance, baby delivery, medication etc are some of the failures witnessed in the nursing sector. Usually the basic legal issues in malpractices are the same as in shared neglect.

The four main elements in nursing malpractices are as under:

Standards of care:

  1. Standard of care norm is in general what a reasonable nurse would do in a situation, at a given circumstance. For ex- a nurse if she observes a patients’ saline is about to run out would closest change the exhausting bag and replace it with a new one.
  2. shared clinical problems and symptoms are well defined to nurses by various nursing care plans. Care plans also help nurses by updating them with the most current practices and specialized standards.
  3. Some nursing malpractice mistakes include, misuse of medical equipment, medication error, documentation error, failing to perform necessary protocol.

Duty: The Samaritan law is what governs any nurses’ duty. He/she is duty-bound to care for the patient with his/her utmost ability, skill and knowledge, but only after accepting the valid referral/endorsement from the ER or other nursing department.

Legal causation:  A legal cause for nursing negligence comes to force when it is confirmed that a breach in the standard of care caused physical damage and or emotional damage to the patient under care.

Damages: Damages including death, disability, prolonged pain, deformity, or additional cost to staying in a hospital are usually capitalized on by the clients’ lawyers/attorneys.

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