Past Life Weapons and Psychic Attack

Past Life Weapons and Psychic Attack

Our world has always been a challenging place to live. Over many lifetimes you have probably died more than once by violence. Whether it was fighting in a war, being the victim of pillage, committing a crime, or just simply living your life, it is likely that many of your deaths involved weapons like spears, ax, swords, stones, daggers and already poison. As a slave, (Most of us have been a slave at one time or another) you may retain the energy of a whip, chains and shackles.

In my work with Past Life Therapy, I have seen this retained energy over and over. One client nevertheless carried the chains around his wrists that held him captive in the bottom of an Egyptian ship where he was forced to row for hours on end. I found an ankle shackle nevertheless in the field around my right leg when I first began this work. I’ve taken out beautiful antique jeweled daggers out of backs and a sword out of another client’s side. Another client vomited up sea water from a drowning while another retained the dented helmet he wore when he was hit on the head with a stone ax during a battle. Finding arrows is shared-place.

While we retain this energy from the past, we also retain the psychic violence we are placed under. When people are jealous or angry they can create physical pain for you. They can literally stab you in the back and that energy will keep in your field too if nothing is done to clear out the debris.

Weapons, real or psychic can affect your physical and mental health so it is important to remove them from your energy fields. The client who nevertheless had the dented metal helmet on his head sought help for his migraines. The person with the antique dagger suffered from chronic shoulder pain. The chain energy on the former Egyptian slave forced to row was manifesting in this life as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. My right leg is often shorter than my left from the years of walking with the heavy ankle shackle.

Whether you realize it or not, you have probably had sudden sharp pains when you were around certain people. Their angry or toxic energy form a cord that hits your field and can burrow in with the force of a pneumatic drill. It can really hurt and you just think you suddenly develop a stitch in your side or think you are just falling apart physically.

None of these energies are pleasant or helpful. They should be removed. The areas where they were should be healed and the vigorous fields realigned. If you aren’t familiar with this work I suggest these two methods of clearing out past life and current life debris.

There are a associate of ways to remove these from your energy fields and body. One is to see a practitioner who has worked with past lives and has the ability to sense or see what energies you have retained and is familiar with removing cords from psychic attack. The other way to remove them is by working with angels. Archangel Michael is adept at removing such debris and cords and Archangel Raphael will help you heal afterwards. By using either of these methods, you can make a different in your life, physically, mentally and emotionally.

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