Pest Control – Protect Your Family’s Health

Pest Control – Protect Your Family’s Health

If the great outdoors has been moving into your living space, you have probably tried lots of “home remedies” to get rid of the creepy crawlies. Just seeing the ants and spiders is enough to make you surprise how many other pests are lurking in places you can’t already see. In wanting to protect the investment you’ve made in your home, and being concerned about the well being of your family, you realize it’s time to find a pest control company.

You can get a list of possible questions to ask off the internet, but make sure you find out about these 3 points to ensure you choose a pest control company that will meet and go beyond your expectations.

1. Customer Satisfaction … information of mouth is a great way to find a good company. Ask your friends, neighbors, or already your realtor which pest control company has done a fabulous job for them. A happy customer says more than a huge billboard. Try to find a company with a great service record and that offers a satisfaction guarantee. Community trust is not built overnight, but by a constant commitment to treat the client (and the client’s home) with honesty and respect.

2. Accessibility … It’s all about the customer, right? That method that the pest control company you choose should be located within a reasonable distance from your home and have complete-time exterminators to provide service that is functional to your schedule. With today’s busy lifestyles, it is more important than ever that the pest control company offer flexible scheduling and that the technicians be on time every time. The company should have knowledgeable and timely answers to your questions, without making you jump by hoops to talk to a “real person.”

3. Excellent sets … You may not know which sets will be needed to rid your home of pests and to ensure that the little invaders will not return, but you will want to discover all that a pest control company has to offer. It is important that the company you choose is listed with the Better Business Bureau and that they use safe products that are earth friendly. Ask about free inspections, what kind of guarantees are offered, and if the company itself is insured.

As before noted, you can search online for a list of specific questions to ask your pest control company, but if your company of choice doesn’t offer the 3 basics listed above, you’ve started on the wrong foot. Your home is your sanctuary. Your family is your dearest possession. Protect them both by choosing a qualified pest control company. Do it today!

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