PEX Piping

PEX Piping

PEX – The Wave of the Future?

PEX technology is quickly moving beyond copper substitute. The use of this particular kind of pipe for home drinking water has increased by 40% in recent years, and that number is projected to increase tenfold in the coming decade. Switch to PEX now to be on the cutting edge of pipe and plumbing technology!


Benefits of using PEX in plumbing include:

Flexibility. Flexible material creates a world of plumbing possibilities

Direct routing. No cutting or splicing needed! PEX runs straight from your dispensing point to outlet, with no interruptions.

Increased water pressure No more cutting corners! Less sharp turns method increased water pressure from every faucet in your house.

Money-saving Materials. It’s cheaper! PEX material is 25% less expensive than its outdated competitor, copper.

Easier installation. If we’re dealing with copper, we have to bust out the blowtorch. Seriously. With PEX, there is no need for labor intensive soldering or gluing. And less labor on our end method more money in your pocket.

Reliable. Yeah, PEX is cheaper and more flexible – but will it last? Absolutely. This material does not corrode and won’t develop those bothersome pinhole leaks.

No fire risk during installation. No blowtorch? No problem. (It’s always safer NOT to use fire if you don’t have to)

need. Plumbers with PEX installation experience are in need, and more sought after than those with copper-only experience.

Easy updates. There’s no need to update your complete piping system when PEX can be easily integrated into your current set-up.

Longevity. Can you imagine a 25 year warranty on a car? Well, PEX customers are used to things lasting that long – most reports indicate that PEX pipes last 50 years or more! This method that PEX is your best bet over time, especially when making progressive, long-term plumbing replacements on your metal and thermoplastic pipes.

appropriate for hot and cold pipes. Color coding makes differentiating hot from cold a cinch, with functional red and blue PEX tubing.

Less likely to burst from halting. Since PEX is made of plastic, the pipes outlast copper and PVC pipes when halting occurs. PEX’s flexibility makes them slower to burst – and for that to happen in SoCal, it’d have to be really cold.

No corrosion. While copper and iron corrode over time, PEX remains leak-free.

Environmental benefits. PEX is the green piping choice for Eco-conscious consumers!

Pipe Insulation. Foam wrap insulation is a great addition to your PEX piping – it maintains temperature and prevents halting.

Drawbacks of PEX piping include:

Degradation from sunlight. While corrosion is a non-issue, PEX tubing is like a finicky plant – it can’t be exposed to sunlight for prolonged periods of time. Stay out of the sun, and you’re good to go.

Anti-adhesive. Be careful what you stick with – certain adhesives can compromise your PEX piping, so be sure to consider a nonstick foam-wrap insulation instead.

Slightly More Expensive. PEX fittings can be a bit pricier than copper, but you make your initial investment back over the lifetime of the piping.

Uncle Sam wants PEX!

PEX has been approved for residential and business use in all fifty states.

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