Pre-buy Termite Inspection – What Does It Cover?

Pre-buy Termite Inspection – What Does It Cover?

Purchasing a home or building is a big investment that most people desire to see an eventual return on. If termite damage is present, however, repair expenses can far outweigh any possible gains in character value. That is precisely why a pre-buy termite inspection is strongly recommended. This simple procedure provides buyers with the information they need to help ensure a sound buy while also potentially giving them leverage to have any repairs made before a sale’s closure should damage be detected. Pre-buy termite inspections may vary in their scope, but the most reputable companies will go above and beyond to provide an in-thoroughness examination of the character in question.

Comprehensive termite inspections will include both visual and thermal inspections of the character. The two methods combine to not only detect current infestations but also find evidence of past problems on the character. Thermal imaging is strongly recommended because this more progressive method enables inspectors to detect hidden pest problems, allowing for more accurate identification of thorough-rooted infestations. FLIR Thermal Imaging Technology enables inspectors to more freely detect hidden pest problems and to uncover active termite nests that may be hid thorough within a building’s walls, roofing system or sub-flooring. the time of action is completely hassle-free and is non-invasive, meaning no damage is done to the character during the inspection.

A complete inspection will include, but not be limited to:

• Timber within the roof frame

• Any patios or outbuildings

• Timber used in retaining walls

• External timber fixings

• Timber used in door frames and windows

• Sub-floor areas

character buyers need to be mindful of the fact that wood is used in all types of buildings. That method already masonry and brick homes and buildings may serve as breeding grounds for termites and may suffer damage from their presence.

Once an inspection is completed, a comprehensive report of the findings will be provided to the possible buyer. These reports should include:

• Highly detailed information about the character and extent of any pest activity detected

• Digital color and infrared photographs that document infestation and evidenced damage

Obtaining a pre-buy inspection can protect buyers in a lot of ways. Detailed inspection reports that provide evidence of infestation can help buyers:

• Negotiate with sellers for fumigation and repair of any structural damage in improvement of a buy to help protect the investment

• Establish legal grounds for breaking a contract if one has already been entered into

If a pre-buy inspection finds no evidence of past or current infestation, buyers gain peace of mind. Termite damage can prove to be a costly hidden expense. Knowing there is no cause for concern can be a huge relief for buyers.

Purchasing a home or building is a big investment. Pre-buy terminate inspections simply help buyers protect their investments.

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