Promises/ Rhetoric, Versus, Facts/ Solutions, in Politics: 5 meaningful Areas…

Promises/ Rhetoric, Versus, Facts/ Solutions, in Politics: 5 meaningful Areas…

Why does it seem, so – often, we observe, a form of, deja vu, where politicians, seem to consistently, avoid making timely, necessary, well – considered, decisions, and turn to, damaging, procrastination? We keep, witnessing, a inclination, towards, empty promises, and rhetoric, when facing – the – facts, in an open – minded, realistic, applicable, sustainable way, and recognizing, possible ramifications, is needed, and necessary! While, this is not, a new occurrence, it seems, today, the level of strictly – partisan, politics, with very little attempt to compromise, and seek, a meeting – of – the – minds, for the greater good, isn’t, already, considered, or attempted. sometimes, a few representatives, seem to attempt this, but, the way, Congress, and especially, the United States Senate, roles, and operates, often, stifles, any opportunities, to unprotected to, what citizens, the nation, and our planet, need! With, that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, 5 meaningful areas, where this is needed, sooner, instead of later.

1. Climate Change exists: Although, some seem, to try, to bury, their heads – in – the – sand, and deny, the possible, realistic dangers, from Climate Change, there is no doubt, it exists! Climate scientists, and experts, tell us, we already, have witnessed, a dangerous, earlier – stage, of this, and, the planet. is warming, and we risk, a dangerous rise, in tides, storms, etc. Instead, of trying to be popular, and avoiding taking responsible steps, we need leaders, ready, willing, and able, to articulate a strategic, and action plan, to address these needs, in a responsible, responsive, applicable, sustainable manner!

2. Environmental issues: For decades, American Presidents, seemed to be making progress, in realizing, we need to address, protecting our ecosystem, especially, in the areas of clean air, and water. We witnessed, basic regulations, enacted, until the past President, Donald Trump, who, proactively, reversed many of these protections, seemingly, attempting to please, his perceived, chief supporters, etc. Doesn’t it make sense, to plan – ahead, responsibly, to avoid, a planet, without sustainability, into the future?

3. Immigration: How strange, for a nation, established by immigrants, and, welcoming people, from around the world, to suddenly, endorse, such a large degree of xenophobia, hatred, and bigotry/ prejudice! Although, this is nothing, new, when a former, U.S. President, articulated a message, of fear, anger, and prejudice, the nation, and world, are the losers!

4. Freedoms/ Rights: America distinguishes, itself, from many other nations, because of our Constitutional guarantees, and the freedoms, and rights, which, we protect! Unfortunately, in the last decade (or less), hatred, rhetoric, and vitriol, have attempted to selectively, apply these!

5. Fear and hate, versus, best paths: When fear, hatred, and prejudice, becomes the path, instead of far – better ones, America, and the American people, loses! We must need, better, and an emphasis, on unity, instead of polarization!

Wake up, America, and need better, instead of allowing rhetoric, and empty promises, to take the place, of quality, viable solutions, strategies, actions, and planning! It’s up to all of us!

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