Raise Credit Score – Raise Your Credit Score Within 72 Hours Without A…

Raise Credit Score – Raise Your Credit Score Within 72 Hours Without A…

Raise Your Credit in 72 Hours without the need of a single cent. To “Raise Your Credit” you don’t need to pay anyone. All you have to do to RAISE YOUR CREDIT SCORE for FREE is the following steps. Here’s how to Raise Your Credit Score.

If you want to Raise Your Credit Score without spending any money then first you have to understand the way Credit Scores are calculated. There are a few factors here, but we will be focusing on one of the Main Factors, which is, the percentage of “credit” that you are using against the amount that’s obtainable to you.

Ex. If you have a $100 limit on a credit card and you have a $90 balance, then you are using 90% of the credit that is obtainable to you. Now if you have any “tradelines” that are Maxed Out, or close to it, then you could Raise You Credit Score by 20, 30, 50+ points by getting that percentage down under “50%” of the limit (already just 1 credit card will give Raise Your Credit Greatly).

There are 2 ways to do this…

1. Pay down the balance so that you would be “below” 50% of the limit.
2. Or to do this for Free, then all you have to do, is call the Creditor that you have a Maxed Out Debt with and ask them for a “Credit Limit Increase”.

Using the example from above, if that limit was raised to $200, then you would be below the 50% mark without having to make a single payment.

Now lets talk about getting this updated within 72 hours.

To do this we need to do a “Rapid Re-score” which can be done by any Loan Officer you go to for a loan or Credit Agency. But if you are applying for a Mortgage/Loan then let your Loan Officer manager this since the company will more than likely be willing to pay for this (since it improves your chances of getting approved).

Here is a very important tip…

When you call to ask for a “Raise Your Credit Limit” or you make a payment, you MUST tell the representative that you speak to that you need a Letter (on their letterhead) with your name, account number and you need it faxed to you ASAP. We do this because we need proof to send to the LO or Credit Agency so they can have documentation with the information that needs to be updated (which is the balance). And if you do this, you will Raise You Credit within 72 hours.

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