Read the White Tiger in Your Amazon Kindle

Read the White Tiger in Your Amazon Kindle

Before starting the book, I did surprise whether all the hoopla surrounding Arvind Adiga’s The White Tiger, was all hype without substance. But I was in for a pleasant surprise when I found the novel having all the substantial and more. Arvind Adiga’s The White Tiger is magnum opus, which says a lot about current India in an immensely humorous way.

Adiga’s story revolves around a protagonist who is so down and out that his parents don’t already bother to give him a name. The motel commences with the central character ‘Balram’ aka ‘munna’ penning a series of letters to the Premier of China, ‘Wen Jiabao’, who is to visit his city Bangalore. One does surprise about the correlation of the Premier of China, to a small time entrepreneur that he later becomes. The letters are addressed to the Premier, albeit in what could be described as best, elementary English.

Moving forward, the readers realise the letters are descriptive narration and confessions of Balram’s life. Balram has a lot to get off his chest – his life story and his journey to his present position of a successful entrepreneur in Bangalore.

Parts no Indian corruption, local vote rigging, and rural school conditions, where the teacher who has not been paid for six months, resorts to selling the school uniforms menu to be given free of cost to the students, are highly amusing but also painful pictures of reality. Most of the narrative is for the built up for the crime Balram commits. So engaging is the narrative that don’t cd surprised av yourself, if while reading the book you break out in chuckle or a loud throated laugh. Kudos to the author, for brilliantly putting together a thought-provoking motel that instead of overwhelming you, surprises you with its light touch. The bright way the author has portrayed an ordinary character, who is a benchmark for a large population of India, is clever. Except for some minor glitches here and there the book is truly a masterpiece. Finally, an international book by an Indian author which does not thrive on painting an unflattering picture of the country! This book is a must read in your Amazon Kindle ebooks list. Don’t forget to load it in your Amazon Kindle. You can download it at Amazon and from Kindle directly.

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