Reavulate and Adapt

Reavulate and Adapt

The wonderfully sometimes complicate world of business is regularly changing, for some, it is for the better, for others and more often than not, the majority, this change has a profound effect on our businesses and our livelihoods.

More often than not we will find ourselves mumbling away about how ridiculous it is that someone in a suit locked away in an office can dictate what is best for our businesses and there futures, our futures. We will often make comments about the fact that those who make influential and most likely, life changing decisions regarding our business futures have no understanding or concept of real world scenarios, or indeed at the very least, an understanding of our business, at all event that may be.

To make such a profound and possibly detrimental decision, one would like to believe that those who are responsible for implementing new legislation and regulations would have a comprehensive knowledge of the industry those decisions are based upon but this doesn’t appear to be the case at all, In fact, it would appear quite the opposite.

Some of us will simply have the ability to quickly reevaluate and adapt, while others may crumble, become confused or give up thoroughly, either because they are too old in the tooth or because they feel they don’t understand how they can adapt and nevertheless continue momentum, enough at the minimum to sustain a living and a profit from the newly implemented laws, legislation and regulation that the business may have to adopt.

When I entered into the Private Investigation industry several years ago, my first impression was that there appeared to be many “old school” chaps Influencing the industry and in my opinion, potentially holding it back from progressing to meet the needs and demands of the modern world, I had already heard stories whereby some investigators nevertheless don’t use computers, “that’s ludicrous” I thought to myself!

It was when I was asked to join an organisation known as WAPI (World Association of Private Investigators) when I realised that the industry was predominantly dominated by “old school” detectives, I’m not implying this in a derogatory term, I was shocked by how influential they thought they were to the industry. After all, the majority of these old school fellas were, or are “old bill”, ex coppers and detectives or higher. Having spent a year as a member of WAPI I realised my money was far better spent on different membership or marketing fees, I was slightly disappointed to learn that entry requirements were simply: pay your membership fee!

I then moved my attention and intrigue to another organisation, one that was more active and one that seemed to have a much more influencing presence. The ABI, Association of British Investigators, which, came highly recommend by a number of people in the industry. I made an application and was pleasantly surprised to learn there was a strict vetting procedure in place. A lengthy membership form needed completing, followed by an interview with an assessment panel. In addition I received access to a very active email notice board, free legal advice, discounted insurance and more. The ABI have a much firmer foothold in the industry and as far as I see it they appear to be the representing body for the majority.

Adapting to change can be a daunting task in business, some may already consider it a stressful time and they may well be right, however, it is likely that they could be doing things wrong. Adapting to change within ones industry needn’t be stressful, scary, daunting or otherwise, it should be taken as an opportunity to refresh and reinvigorate your business. Many of us without realising it can get stuck in our ways. By being able or prepared to adapt to change it prepares us for those often unforseen eventualities.

Take for example Bailiffs, or Certificated Enforcement Officers as they are now known. Just recently (6th April 2014) the Bailiff industry underwent a reform, many legislations and regulations governing the Bailiff industry changed overnight, needless to say there was years of preparation and warning regarding the reform. The BBC reported on the 4th April 2014 that it was a crackdown to prevent aggressive tactics

it is with any industry, builders, plumbers, mechanics, politicians! That we will encounter the strange few rogues. It’s unfortunate however, that bad news travels faster than good news and has a more prolonged effect than good news.

Unfortunately the Bailiff industry has been unprotected to current argue, criticism and backlash for many years, despite being one of the oldest professions of our time and whilst I agree there will always be the strange one or two that ruin it for others I believe the industry will continue for many years to come.

Some Bailiffs, Enforcement Officers, are “old school” stuck in their ways by no fault of their own but simply because the Bailiff and debt collecting industry has been unchanged for so long. So what do you do and how do you cope with what some describe as a negative impact on their industry. Some, have almost given up and thrown in the towel, when however they should be restrategising and adapt a new methodical approach to the legislation and reform.

It’s never going to be easy, as some may consider it to be comparable to starting up in business all over again, an component of trepidation sets in and then so the vicious course of action begins. Many of us may see this course of action as “industry cleansing”, to get rid of the old or unwilling and replace with the new. Others may suggest it’s simply the authorities bullied into responding to the plea of the public. at all event the reasons, we need to change, adapt and take on a new approach, soon it will become habitual and you’ll be able to go about your business as you did before with what will become an ever increasing distant memory of how it all used to be like.

Making changes

I, like many, don’t adapt terribly well to change, none of us particularly like it for the simple reason we are often being forced to do something against our will so to speak.

The majority use years refining and perfecting their businesses and reach a plateau where they are comfortable with their achievements.

Then, usually unexpectedly, someone comes crashing into your world and messes things up. You may feel insecure, panic may set in, anxiety develops and trepidation kicks in over the prospects of losing turnover, not be able to meet the demands of the new legislation, having to make too much change that will prevent you from enjoying your work.

The first thing you need to do is sit down with a pen and paper or laptop and write what changes effect you.

Something like this:

Q. How will the new changes effect your income.

Income is of course the most profound change that can be experienced within a business. It is one of the most basic changes a business can experience when large losses, or gains, are experienced. Less income causes more stress and trepidation than any other factor in business.

Once you have established what factors any new reform or legislation your business is governed by, you can then begin to establish what areas you need to focus on and concentrate your attention towards in order to continue profitability.

In respect of the Bailiff industry, new legislation dictates a fixed set of fees across the industry in order to create consistency and uniformity, while before there was no such regulation in place and fees could be exuberant and astronomical, which, in many situations, where considered inappropriate and unethical.

Many of us will undoubtedly have to get off our backsides and work a little harder. Experience dictates that when government reform is implemented into an industry it is the business owners who are the ones that suffer more so than anyone else. It’s a vicious course of action but I won’t go into that now or I’ll use out my soap box.

It is highly doubtful that any reform that has been passed by government (Parliament) has not had its fair proportion of input from industry representatives, by that I average the governing bodies that implement new reforms are doubtful to deliberately cause direct financial losses to an industry, it’s pointless in so many ways.

It is however a hardened fact that the industry must change and by changing your business along with it should see yourself slowly but surely recovering from what you may have thought was a disaster. Consider how you can use the new legislation to your advantage as opposed to searching for the negatives.

It’s a hard line to cross for certain people without guidance but once you’ve searched outside the box you will begin to see that your business isn’t just the 4 walls you once thought it was.

My business adapts by offering many sets. Some will need the assistance of a contractual agent, but it’s better to take the job, use a self employed contractor and nevertheless earn from it, already if it is only a smaller percentage. That percentage has the capability of paying the bills.

Bailiffs, offer debt collection sets but some only offer the basics, such as CRAR Commercial Rent Arrears Recovery

However, if the sets offered were expanded, it opens up a whole new can of worms, which, enhance the chances of maintaining, or already increasing your income considerably.

Bailiffs, (Certificated Enforcement Officers) are debt collecting specialists, it would be wise to consider…

course of action Serving

Tracing Agents


Enquiry Agents

All the above sets are usually already carried out by Certificated Enforcement Officers so it wouldn’t take much to implement them into an existing business as a stand alone service as opposed to an additional service offered at the time of carrying out debt collection work.

Dedicated course of action servers can be paid from £50.00 up to £185.00 for a course of action Serve. Food for thought I think you’d agree, especially when you could be sat around watching day time TV or in fear of becoming a keyboard Warrior!

Make some changes to your website, if you don’t have one, get one! Or speak to this guy!

Make a list of all the sets you could offer

Email all your existing clients and tell them what you can offer.

Don’t sit back and wait! Go out there and knock on doors

Speak confront to confront with people

Be determined, be willing and above all, be positive!

Good luck…

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