Regular Maintenance Is All Your Wooden Furniture Needs!

Regular Maintenance Is All Your Wooden Furniture Needs!

Have you spent a thousand dollars to lavishly decorate your drawing room with wooden furniture and you see a termite attack on the dry wood? You do not have to worry too much about that because Central Kansas pest control is there for you. Kansas pest control team will be there at your doorstep at your call and treat the termite infestation for you at minimum possible cost and time. However termite growth is not the only hitch with wooden furniture. There are several other problems which are subtle enough to be handled by you.

A slight problem could be a broken leg of a wood table. This could be solved by having a thorough look at the table and check out the tools required for repair. for example, a screw can be tightened by a screwdriver and a nut can be done by the wrench. Often we have the nut or screw pulled out with the wood damaged; this could be solved by simply hammering a small wooden board over the damage and adding the screw or bolt over it.

A very shared problem with desks and chairs is stiff wheels, which make moving them quite difficult. For such conditions remove the wheel from the furniture and check it for some hair, dust balls or other obstructions. Clean it thoroughly by method of a brush to remove them from the wheel, and apply oil over all moving parts of the wheel and replace it in the furniture. Oil used can be any lubricating substance like grease or mineral oil.

Chairs often have boards in the back sustain the back of the one seated, which become loose and become very uncomfortable. It can easily be solved by rotating the board as much as possible, and apply strong glue over the top and bottom side of the board. Rotate the board back into its original position and rub off any excess glue, and let dry before use.

We often encounter problems with our desk drawers that do not slide. It becomes very difficult to open them and once they are opened, closing them is another monotonous task. For such a situation, take out the drawer completely and apply oil thoroughly under its bottom from where it moves. This technique will make sliding easier and the drawer a lot easy to use.

There are some chemicals that damage the furniture’s finishing and polish, for example a nail polish remover or hair dye solutions etc over dressing tables. For such problems refinishing the whole furniture is an applicable solution. A stripper can be used for this course of action but check its instructions before use because it may not be applicable for your kind of wood. After using the stripper over the piece of furniture twice or thrice, add lacquer. Then let dry before placing your things back on the furniture.

Sometimes wooden furniture becomes beyond repair but until such a time, it is a healthy course of action for the wood to be fixed now and then. Keep your furniture in perfect shape so that you can spare yourself from the trouble of heavy repair.

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