Reiki Dos and Don’ts

If you practise Reiki long enough you are bound to bump into a bunch of big don’ts.

Don’t Reiki the people with jewellery on.

Don’t Reiki the crown of the head.

Don’t Reiki women who are pregnant.

Don’t Reiki the spine etc.

Sometimes they get already more silly, like ‘Don’t Reiki anyone if you are wearing red’.

As ridiculous as some of these don’ts sounds, they are usually backed up with just enough rational explanation to make you surprise.

Red, for example, is the color of the root chakra and – according to some – giving it Reiki might inadvertently get the Kundalini energy (lying at the base of the spine) to rise up when a person isn’t ready for it.

Since this, genuinely, can cause people problems if their body isn’t energetically prepared, then you begin to surprise whether the theory – no matter how crazy it sounds – might not have some validity.

Fortunately, almost every don’t in Reiki is truly short-circuited by a very simple point: that it is the recipient who determines how much energy flows – and not the giver.

Think of the recipient like someone sucking on an ‘vigorous straw’. If they suck hard, a lot of energy will flow. If they suck gently, not much will flow.

It is all up to them and the only thing a Reiki healer can do is provide the opportunity for energy to flow. And the better the healer, the greater the possibility of a higher energy flow.

What this method is that there is a safety valve built into the system, because an individual will only ever take in as much energy as is healthy for him or her. Taking in more would be like pushing a dagger into your flesh – not something you are likely to do.

If you are talking to someone who can’t accept this line of logic, you might like to get them to define ‘Reiki’. If they know anything about the origin of the information they will tell you that the most literal translation (that makes sense) is ‘spiritual’ (Rei) ‘energy’ (ki). Does it make much sense for this ‘spiritual energy’ to be a destructive force?

I think not.

So next time you are eager about giving someone Reiki, remember that it can never hurt them.

It might not be the right time to give them energy. It might never be the right time to give them energy. But if an accidental Reiki drop fell their way, I wouldn’t lose any sleep.

If a drop fell, they summoned it.

(observe: While Reiki can’t harm anyone, it can certainly produce a ‘healing crisis’. This can bring on emotional upheaval, physical distress and other things; but ultimately it is good for the individual. Think of it as something like the cleansing course of action that takes place when someone undergoes a fast. They might get headaches, pimples, rashes and all sorts of other unpleasant things; but once the cleansing is done they feel better than ever before. Likewise with Reiki.)

Copyright 2011, Jeremy O’Carroll

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