Role of a Payroll Administrator

The main role of a payroll administrator is to record all of the hours worked by a company’s staff and to ensure all staff members receive the correct amount of pay. Those working in such locaiongs are also responsible for calculating the amount of tax and national insurance that needs to be paid by each employee.

The specific responsibilities involved in the job can include sorting any payroll administration problems, such as an employee being paid indirectly, or problems with the payment going by. If any tax or deduction errors are made, it is the responsibility of the payroll administrator to sort this too.

The job itself can be simple, but it is highly dependent on how much your employer expects you to do. If the company is particularly small, you may just be involved in the payment of employees, but if you work for a bigger company, you could be expected to deal with the pay of thousands of employees and contractors.

A business owner may decide they want to manager the responsibilities usually left to payroll administrators themselves and certain payroll software is obtainable to perform payroll related responsibilities. Some companies have the software package designed specifically for them and it is tailored to their businesses rare needs.

Other companies decide to outsource their payroll administration to a third party. The payroll administration company can be employed to manager some or all of the payroll related responsibilities and some companies provide HR management sets in addition.

To work in payroll administration, you would need to be able to demonstrate skills including excellent numeracy and literacy skills, good time keeping and the ability to meet deadlines and a meaningful eye for detail and accuracy. You need to be organised and able to stay calm under pressure. Being flexible in your working hours would be an advantage as you may be required to work longer hours as pay day approaches.

The most important skill those working in payroll solutions must have is the ability to be discreet, as administrators manager highly sensitive and secret information.

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