Ruined Rural Economy – Frog Vision Part-10

Ruined Rural Economy – Frog Vision Part-10

“Third World Countries Governments particularly Indian instead of framing long term economic policies based on farming Sectors have always been carrying out crisis management of economy from one crisis to another suiting

Political leaders’ affiliation to Western Mentors”

Most of the Third world countries have attained independence from colonial rules of Britain, France, Portuguese and others in the nineteenth century but so far their leadership nevertheless remained under the slave mentality of their mentors. The statement of slave mentality is further compounded for Indian leasers because of over 1500 years of slavery have killed both their consciousness and vision. These short sighted leaders see nothing beyond their personal and family gain, consequently, restricting every development and patriotic nation oriented approach towards my theory of thin Frog Vision Approach (FVA) in Decision Making (DM). Further, now days most of the native Indians leaders instead of searching old Indian method of high society based on morale and ethic are always looking towards Western Bare Body Lure of Glitter (BBLG) established on sex, lust and greed in the name of liberty and freedom. Most of the champions of freedom lives revolve around vaginal exploitations and body caring of heterosexual relationships of animal way of life.

Indian economy which was practiced by King Todarmal during the regime of Akbar has given various new methods of overcoming all the problems of poverty. Our Western educated orators, who speak articulated Hinglish, drink Western wines and live in various star hotels do not see a poor shared man sweating in the streets of rural areas. FVA of our MM-PC-MS tri has by and large nearly destroyed Indian Agro Sector. This course of action was started way back when present chief Minister become Governor of save Bank of India and he began to de-estimate rupees against dollars and other world currencies. His focus though has brought wealth to wealthy and poverty to poor but has given a new copy of tried to Indian millionaires who followed all tricks of trade to earn profits and create great asset not to assistance the poor but to fill the coffins of political parties.

What I define the FVA is an economic policy prepared and implemented to give advantages to a few favored ones and disadvantages to too many poor in long run. The Special Economic Zone (SEZ) is one such step towards this approach when these Industrial houses would become sick, the industrialist would disappear with 25% subsidy in their pocket earning millions from subsided rates of land at later stages. Two such SEZ units in Piplia areas of Uttrakhand where over 100 Acres of Land was acquired by Uttar Pradesh Government but all the original industrial houses had swallowed complete subsidies offered by the governments and later sold of these units to third parties after minimum gestation period of loan refund became operatives. These polices are prepared to only assistance the corrupt and only corrupt riches in the third world countries. The similar discontents of oppositions amongst Balouchs in Pakistan, Locals in Afghanistan and Sudan are also simmering.

I would suggest overcoming the FVA in economic DM of a country; every government has the need to carryout the following:

· One; prepare a wholistic economic blue print of complete country depending upon its soil qualities and character of resources obtainable;

· Two; Carryout country’s detailed resource examination based on kind of resources after categorizing these resources into various segments like, crops areas, oils resources, ore, coals, sea resources, land productivity resources and labor resources intensive states or countries like Bihar, Bangladesh, Indonesia Sri Lanka and some countries of Middle East;

· Three; Divide these part into active production zones like Punjab for wheat, rice and sugarcane etc, West Bengal for Rice, Jute and Pulses, Rajasthan for pulses, maize, mustard etc, Kerela for Rice, Fisheries, Assam for oils, Silk, fisheries and rice, Bihar for Coals and other segments;

· Four; Setup processing units of similar products in three phases. Phase -1 Units to procures and collect raw produces, phase-2 units to transports and make finished products and phase-3 units to carryout country or world wide networks of dispensing systems;

· Five; after analyzing the segments government to create infrastructures to provide roads, electricity and water facilities for units to function.

· Six; create simultaneously all other human resource development facilities with walking distances of working units to include labor living shelter and accommodations, schools, hospitals, markets and recreation/ community halls etc from central funds or separately earmarked funds.

· Seven; Never forget to create places for human being last right journey at such places.

After analyzing Bangladesh, Pakistan and China’s budgets I am of firm view that

most of the budgets including Indian are influenced by the objectives of each others rivalry instead of economic growth. The readers would be surprised to know that the largest numbers of economic scams are in third world countries and most of them are figuring in India alone. How can we conquer these problems is not the issue but how can our unjust judicial system punished the guilty in country like India is the cause of concern. The kickbacks of Bofor Scandal of rupees 60 Crores and above, Urea scandal scam of rupees 133 Crores of son of late chief Minister Narshima Rao and many more are nevertheless being investigated under the shadow of corrupt social system in this country. These are all fallout of my FVADM.

The agony of the third world people is that their leadership is not worried as to how many farmers have commit suicide but they are more worried as to how to ensure that no corrupt gets punished? If a crime has been committed than why it takes decades after decades to unearth the crime? Will any leader reply to the people?

I am of the view that particularly India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, China, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia if unite and draft economic policies of agriculture, natural resources, sea resources and oil, all the poverty problems would be eradicated provided we implement anti corruption measures first like China. Despite single political entity of rule, China has been able to punish a large number of economic offenders. The Judicial chauvinism in India has brought in the fear of law but nevertheless democratic sword of new laws framed to circumvent local issues with FVA is running not only India but all the third world countries into crisis.

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