Runes Used In Psychic Readings

Runes Used In Psychic Readings

Runes have been used for hundreds of years and the use of these in a psychic reading can give you both wisdom and insight into a problem that may be in your aura at present. Each symbol on a rune stone has a special meaning and it is amazing how precisely they tend to portray your current situation.

Runes originated in the Nordic areas and tend to have names like Jera which is the equivalent to the Wheel of fortune when you are doing cards or the Sowulo rune which is like the sun card. Each one has a little story to the rune which you need to learn to interpret not only on its own but in conjunction with the other runes pulled at the same time. Again your psychic abilities are called into use both for interpretations in addition as leading you into the area of focus as you weave the psychic reading to present to the client. One can make ones own runes and print out the cards for each. I have made both wooden runes and stones of different semi precious gem stones.

As the runes are rare, they are rather fun gifts to give anyone who has an interest in this area of the psychic vicinity. In addition to the 23 runes with signs on them you usually have a blank rune in addition which is Odin, and this is the unknowable. What this shows you is your inner knowledge is greater than anything else. Look within and find your answer, and that is really what you need to do. Use your own psychic intuition. In addition to the upright meanings there are also reverse meanings to several of the runes although not to all. Jera for example does not have a reverse meaning as it looks the same both ways.

The same applies to Sowulo, but Algiz has both. In the upright position you are looking to using your assets or goods to protect yourself but by the same token not to give an image of yourself to the world and not to shut yourself away from the world at large. When it is reversed it is telling you it’s time to let go of the protection you have been using as it is creating a obstacle to your growth. Using rune stones can give you great insight into both upright and in the reverse position.

Using these psychic rune stones gives you the ability to connect to spirit and to then give an intuitive reading to some thoroughness. Once you get to know and understand the meaning of the runes you will soon become fascinated at how precisely they will touch on the necessary points surrounding the person on whom you are focusing.

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