Simple Effective Pest Control Measures

Pests are a huge nuisance in every possible way. They come in different forms and sizes and can at times seem impossible to get rid of from our homes. While it may seem hard to know where to start, dealing with pests can be a very simple thing. Here are three effective pest control measures that will keep these un-welcomed creatures under control if properly put into practice.


Prevention is always better than cure. When it comes to pests, preventing an infestation starts with calculating the kind of pests invading your home, which will need you to know their breeding cycles, diet, and favorite habitats. Once you have this information, you can look for the various things that attract the pests and how they gain entry into your home.

While this might work, the best prevention measure is one of hygiene. Cleanliness is an important thing and helps to keep your home free of most pests. Certain pests do not need you to be dirty to thrive, but most pests thrive in dirty and damp places, which are all signs of an unhygienic surrounding. Hygienic practices that aid with pest management include proper rubbish management (collection and disposal), keeping the ground clean and free from shrubs, bushes, and long grasses, keeping stored foods in covered containers, cleaning and dusting around the home, continue clean drains, and getting rid of stagnated water among other practices.


Baiting is one of the most efficient and simple pest management measures; however, baiting is applicable for certain types of pests. Things such as mites, roaches, flies, mosquitoes and other insects are often addressed using other methods such as fumigation. Baiting is ideal for larger animals. The good thing about baiting is that it is a cheap way of dealing with pests that can offer a simple or already more evasive approach to dealing with the unwelcome creatures. Baits for different pest are obtainable in almost any home improvement or hardware store.


Fumigation brings a more drastic approach to dealing with pest; it is more of chemical warfare. In the simplest form, fumigation is the introduction of a noxious substance in the air that is lethal to pest with the aim of killing any pest that breaths in the air. It is considered very simple when used to deal with shared household pests such as mites, roaches, flies, and mosquitoes. Fumigation takes a more progressive pest control approach when it is used to deal with other pests such as termites, moles, rats, and other large pests.

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