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Welcome to SimplyWins!

If you’re here, you like a bet.

Here at Simply Wins, we like to bet and we love to win, so that’s what we do. Sounds Simple?

Well its in the name…

We’ve done the research and found there are many sets out there that offer betting advice. The problem with this, is that choosing the ones that are right for you and how you like to bet can be a struggle.

SimplyWins is the best and simplest service of the lot. We made sure of that!

We don’t have any complicated methods or systems to follow. No juggling progressive staking plans, Dutching or Ratcheting.

We do the research. We find great horses. We work out the bets. We send them to you. Easy.

If you have a betting account and can place a bet, you can make money with Simply Wins.

Who are we and what do we do?

Well we’re nothing spectacular thats for sure. Just a small group of bettors that decided to pool our knowledge and experience to try and create a way for people to enjoy betting and make a few quid while you’re doing it.

Lets confront it. Nobody like to lose, but its part of the game. You can’t win all the time, and its necessary to lose sometimes.

This is true for a associate of reasons:

1. Nobody can select the winner in every race. It’s not possible.

If you’ve found a tipster that can pick with 100% accuracy, please send us their name! I can say that because i know nobody has. You can have the best and most up to date information possible and you will nevertheless select losers sometimes. This is because there are so many variables in a race that you cannot predict. You can look at historical form, race kind, jockey form, yard form, trainer success, lineage, track condition, track direction and then base your selections on all this data…and nevertheless lose.

2. Bookies won’t allow you to win all the time.

If you’re bouncing your bookie off the ropes with every bet, he won’t like that. We’ve all had accounts limited, or if you’re good but inexperienced, you might have had your account completely banned. Bookies are not in the business to give bettors that know the game a place to take their money. If you’re placing winner after winner, your time will come.

Care is needed to make it work in the betting world.

All of us here at Simply Wins have been by these scenarios many times. We’ve lost money, we’ve been limited and we’ve been banned.

You have to learn from every example, and make that negative situation into something positive.

Now meet some of our staff…

Brian Calderdale

“Allow me to welcome you to our service, SimplyWins. I’m Brian and I’m the Managing Director of the service and I supervise service delivery and act as service coordinator, financial manager and record keeper. I work behind the scenes to make sure our service runs smoothly, and I am responsible for the financial side of our operation here.”

John Reid

“Hi I’m John, and I’ve worked here at Simply Wins for 4 years. I’ve been betting for over 30 years and I was a Groundsman at Epsom Downs in my 30’s. I’ve seen both sides of the betting game, and I know how things work. At Simply Wins, I provide track examination and I work closely with Andy, our form monitor, and together we work to find optimum horse/track combos that work. I love what I do, and as long as I can stay in the game, I’ll keep doing it.”

Andrew Paisley

“Welcome to Simply Wins, my name is Andy and I’m our Form Monitor. I have been involved in Racing for a little over 8 years. I have an extensive background in statistics and I’ve put this to work to crunch the numbers and come up with some interesting prospects in the Racing world. One thing I’ve learned is that Stats aren’t everything, but with a good data set you can tip the balance in your favour using raw numerical fact.”

Jamie Crosby

“Hi I’m Jamie and I’m responsible for the technical aspect of our service. I set up and run the website and provide customer sustain. If you have any issues with your set up, or any questions about the service as we move forwards, I’m your man.”

Here at SimplyWins, our dominant focus is you, our subscribers.

Our aim is to provide the best advice out there and generate profit time and time again and thats what we do. Thats all we do.

nevertheless not convinced? Take a look at our recent form, and some of the bets that our members have profited from over the past few weeks;

We certainly don’t win every bet, but we do the things that matter. We generate profit, and we look after our subscribers.

Because our bets are so different, profits will be irregular but profit is the name of the game, and profit is what we produce. Please don’t ask for sheets of past bets because you won’t get it. Our data is integral to our product, and it’s a central part of what we use to make determinations. It has taken years to compile and we don’t give it away.

Here are some examples of past months profits, to give you an idea of what we can do for you:

November 2021: +107.6pts
December 2021: +13.2pts
January 2022: +88.5pts
February 2022: +26.3pts
March 2022: +71.8pts
April 2022: +98.6pts

That’s 406pts profit over 6 months

Right now, you can get your hands on a subscription to SimplyWins at the lowest price we have ever offered. We take on fresh subscribers now and then, and now we have expanded our team we are able to expand our service and our subscribers base.

To permit everyone to get a piece of the action we have put together an offer that should meet everyones demands and most peoples budgets. It doesn’t get any better than this.

Click below to select your subscription, and watch your betting account grow. Its that simple.





Can I have a free trial?

We offer a complete money back guarantee by Clickbank, and you can get this without already contacting us. For the first 30 days of your subscription, if for any reason you want to claim your subscription back, you can do this directly. This 30 day period is your free trial period, but we’re confident you’ll stick around.

Could you send me a spreadsheet with more past results?

We work from data and that data set has been compiled over many years, fed into our system and this data is what we use to generate the bets. For this reason, our data is our bread and butter, and we only release as much data as is necessary.

I’m new to betting, can I get involved?

If you have an open betting account and you can bet on UK Horse Racing fixtures, then SimplyWins will work for you. The selections are clearly laid out, the bets are simple to place and the results speak for themselves.

Is there a monthly fee?

We have no monthly fee’s and no hidden costs. You select which subscription you would prefer, and once you have completed the payment, thats it. Once your subscription has expired, you will be offered further subscription extension options at that point.

How many bets do you make per day?

This will vary, depending on the runners and races on the day. Some days we will have no bets at all, and others we may have 3,4 or already 5 bets. We find that if we limit ourselves to a pre-defined number of bets each day, we come under pressure to release selections that may not fully meet our criteria. We don’t do that. Every selection we release has passed all checks and is fully backed by us.

Can I cancel?

Of course. You can unsubscribe at any time.






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