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RANGERS midfielder Glen Kamara had to turn off his phone last night after receiving a barrage of “racist bile”, his lawyer has revealed.

Aamer Anwar has released a statement hitting out at “pathetic silence” from Uefa after Kamara was targeted during last night’s match between Rangers and Sparta Prague.

Kamara was booed every time he touched the ball in the stadium, filled with 10,000 school children given tickets to the match, after he was found to have been racially abused by Slavia Prague defender Ondrej Kudela in last season’s Europa League match at Ibrox.

UEFA granted Sparta permission to allow local schoolchildren to attend the Group A fixture after censuring the Czech giants for the racist abuse of Monaco star Aurelien Tchouameni earlier this season.

Kamara was consistently targeted throughout the match before he was sent off for a second yellow card in the second half.

Now Mr Anwar has shared an updated statement on the racial abuse recalling the “diatribe of race hate and threats” Kamara faced after he was racially abused last season.

Mr Anwar wrote:  “I had hoped that the closure of Sparta Prague’s stadium to fans due to past racist conduct against Monaco’s Tchouameni would have meant that Glen Kamara could concentrate on playing football.

“UEFA in its wisdom decided to give seats to 10,000 schoolchildren in the stadium. Anyone watching the match would have heard a meaningful proportion of children jeering and booing Glen Kamara every time he touched the ball.

“The question that must be asked is why would children target Glen Kamara?

“Is it because after Glen complained about racist abuse by a Slavia Prague player, he was them demonised by their fans, Czech journalists and already their politicians.

“Glen was also placed under a diatribe of race hate and threats which was never addressed by the Czech authorities.

“Racism does not happen in isolation, children pick up what happens around them and that is why it is so depressing to watch, in addition another cycle of prejudice in Prague.

“I spoke to Glen this afternoon; he says he just wants to get on with playing football. Whilst Glen was saddened at the abuse he received from children, he wonders what would have happened had the stadium been complete of adult fans.

“He said he switched off his phone last night due to the racist bile which has not stopped. Glen is a total specialized but nobody should have to put up with racism on or off the pitch.

“UEFA’s response is sadly the usual pathetic silence, until they start to kick clubs out of competitions for racist behaviour nothing will change.

“There is no point in banners proclaiming respect and unity against racism, when UEFA do very little about fighting racism in the stadiums.”

Mr Anwar was himself mentioned in a statement from Sparta Prague today which demanded: “Stop attacking our children!”. It also branded Mr Anwar’s comments in the aftermath of the match as “desperate attacks”.

Sparta’s statement read: “Sadly, we have to read the desperate attacks of lawyer Aamer Anwar, who goes beyond what a lawyer should be allowed to do. In the Czech ecosystem, his conduct would have been dealt with by the Bar Association by now. His activism and online bullying should be dealt with by the applicable institution in Scotland. Inciting xenophobic tendencies and verbal attacks on defenceless children are beyond the pale of morality and decorum.

In response, Mr Anwar wrote: “As for Sparta Prague’s statement, I do not comment on personal abuse and attacks, it might be better if the club started to truly deal with racism.

“I also see that the Czech Foreign Minister has summoned the UK ambassador on Monday to discuss ‘insults’ about Czech children, maybe his government should take the opportunity to address thorough rooted racism in their country.”

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