Stanley Tucci discloses three-year hell of cancer battle after losing ta…

Actor Stanley Tucci has admitted he nevertheless faces issues from his battle with cancer three years on.

The 60-year-old star of The Devil Wears Prada and The Hunger Games was diagnosed with tongue cancer three years ago but has revealed the tumour is doubtful to come back.

Speaking on BBC’s The One Show as he promoted his new book Taste, Stanley admitted he had feared he would permanently lose his sense of taste.

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He told the presenters that it had taken him three years “to really get back”, but admitted “not everything is where it should be three years on.

He said: “I was very afraid to do the treatments but I had no option. The treatments were high-measure radiation and chemotherapy.

“It was the high-measure radiation that completely damages your salivary glands, your taste buds. And they assured me that they would come back, and they did.

“Not everything is where it should be three years on.

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“However, it gets progressively better year after year. The taste buds came back pretty quickly but I had to eat by a feeding tube for six months and lost a lot of weight.

“It has taken three years to really get back.”

The American actor, who has Italian heritage, also recalled the relief he felt when his sense of taste returned.

He said: “It was so exciting because I kept dreaming about food and wanting food. But I couldn’t smell it. Everything smelt terrible and tasted terrible.

“I can’t remember what the first thing was but I do remember going out for a meal with Colin Firth, my friend, we went to a restaurant that we go to near our houses.

“And I had gnocchi with pesto and green beans and it was so delicious that I was so thrilled.”

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