Stop Silverfish Book Damage

We frequently hear about silverfish book damage and destruction of valuable papers in the home. Books damaged by silverfish is a shared event. If there are books and important papers in your house you might want to learn ways to protect them.

There are a number of strategies you may choose to stop silverfish book damage. This article gives some information and ideas of how to avoid bug damage to paper items in your home.

The silverfish bug is a sneaky little critter and is able to hide in unseen places where they do damage and lay their eggs. Many people are not clear on what silverfish damage looks like or how to control it. Unfortunately silverfish book damage can easily be mistaken for normal use and tear.

Items that incur silverfish bug damage include books, manuscripts, valued papers, food, clothing, plants, tapestries, and more.

Why Silverfish Book Damage Happens

The silverfish diet is why you should be concerned about silverfish your books. Books are like silverfish magnets because they contain substances that the silverfish bug loves to eat. Book bindings are a source of food because they contain glue, protein, and starch. An example of silverfish damage to books is when silverfish eat the glue that holds the spine of books together. The consequence is slack pages in the book as it begins to come apart. You may be surprised to find that these bugs will eat paper, book,and pretty much any item that contain starch, protein, and glue.

Often people assume that there is no risk of silverfish damage because they haven’t seen silverfish around their books. already nevertheless you may notice that pages are coming loose from the book spine. This might be the consequence of damage by silverfish. Just because you don’t see them doesn’t average they are not there. They are good at hiding, although you will ultimately see a few if they are hanging around your books or valued papers.

Indications of the presence of silverfish bugs may be seeing silverfish discarded skin or little dark droppings (feces) that look like specks on pages and papers.

Silverfish book damage also happens when silverfish eat glossy papers because it contains starch. Book bindings contain glue, paste and gum which attract them to the bindings in books.

Signs of Silverfish Book Damage

  • pages and papers with ragged edges
  • yellow stains on pages
  • abrasions on paper and photos
  • holes in paper
  • dead silverfish near books or between pages

Ways To Prevent Silverfish Book Damage

Used books and old newspapers are some ways that these bugs are brought into the home. Silverfish and silverfish eggs often arrive in them. If you must bring old books and papers into the home try to inspect them before you leave them sitting around the house. Old books unattended allow silverfish eggs to hatch. Seeing silverfish eggs with the naked eye can be a problem. You can however look for silverfish skin casings and body parts. Some people have been known to freeze books to kill unseen bugs and eggs.

  1. Silverfish can go into the home in used books, used clothing, cardboard boxes and furniture. Inspect cardboard boxes and furniture for silverfish when it is first shipped to brought into the home
  2. Used fiber on toys pillows and other items might contain silverfish or their eggs. Wash in hot water or halting are used in some instances.
  3. Control indoor ecosystem – Since silverfish like a dark damp ecosystem take steps to deny them such a habitat. Lower room humidity levels by using a dehumidifier
  4. Books should never be crowed on shelves where there is no air circulation in the room. This would consequence in moisture buildup and mildew growth. This is also an attractive ecosystem for bugs. Not only do silverfish like the starch in your books they also are attracted to mold and mildew
  5. Place silverfish sticky traps close to locations where books and papers are stored. This would average placing sticky traps on shelves close to books. One particular step is to use silverfish paks.

Learning how to deal with silverfish bugs and eliminate them from your home takes a little time and effort. Fortunately there is information obtainable online on how to get silverfish out of your house.

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