Swarming Termites – Why You Should Be Very Concerned

Swarming Termites – Why You Should Be Very Concerned

When you see swarming termites, your home is in big trouble. The reason is that termites do not swarm until they have a fully matured colony. And that method they have already done lots of damage to your home. Whenever you see evidence of termites, you should be concerned and call a reputable exterminator. However, when you see swarming termites, you should be very concerned and take immediate action.

Industry supplies calculate that termites do over five billion dollars worth of damage to homes every year and the calculate continues to rise. Oftentimes, homeowners see a few termites and think nothing of it. However, those few are the beginning of the gathering storm. Soon, a few more then another few more will arrive until there are hundreds, then thousands, and finally millions of the critters underneath your house gnawing away at in any case wood they can find.

By the time you see the swarm, harsh damage is already underway. One information of caution should be sounded here. There are scarce occasions when a swarm of termites might not signal damage to your home. That is when the critters are coming to your location from somewhere else. This usually happens in early spring, although it can happen as late as May or June for certain types of these pests. So what should you do if you see them?

You should call your local agricultural extension office and at the minimum two exterminators to come out and inspect your home. You should join the inspector on the inspection and hopefully have some idea of what to look for. It would be really advantageous to you if you could get someone from the extension office to be there during the inspection. Be sure to have the inspectors come out on separate days and do not let them know who the other person is until after you have had a chance to review all three reports.

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