Symptoms of Craziness

We can define craziness symptoms in general, already though they are specific for each psychological kind because craziness is an identical course of action in all situations, but there are several variations that occur in the general course of action.

Craziness starts with strange ideas and an absence of sensitivity. The person starts caring too much for other people’s opinion and for irrelevant themes, which are often misunderstood by them and interpreted as if they were part of a conspiracy against them. They become regularly suspicious and afraid of the bad intentions of everyone in their surroundings.

Their behaviour reflects the consequence of the invasion of the wild part of their conscience into their human conscience.

They become afraid of everyone because this is the behaviour that this wild part wants to impose upon them, so that they easily may become its victims. The wild conscience wants to frighten the human conscience.

however, it wants to prepare it to acquire the behaviour of a criminal. A murderer is always afraid that everyone may discover his murders. His psychology is affected by this matter all the time. He is an actor that tries to hide cadavers and to pretend that he is innocent. This happens with someone in the last stages of craziness. consequently, from the beginning, the wild content is preparing the mind for this tragic end. That’s why the person starts behaving as I described before: they start having the behaviour of a murderer from the first moments of the invasion of the wild content into their human conscience.

This course of action is slow in the beginning but when the destruction of the human conscience continues for some time, suddenly the human being completely loses his human conscience, which people around him cannot see or understand, unless he starts revealing to the world that something different is happening to him. Of course, this usually doesn’t happen because the wild content is an actor that takes the place of the human part of the conscience, controlling the person’s behaviour. However, their terrible actions will denunciate them some day, and then everyone will understand that they have lost their mind.

consequently, craziness is the invasion of the wild and evil content of our early conscience into our human conscience, and the first symptoms of this disease are the characteristics of the psychotic’s and schizophrenic’s behaviour.

As I stated in the first use, there are many variations in the patient’s behaviour according to the psychological kind they belong to, but all patients affected by craziness start showing the same mentioned signs of absurdity.

Psychotherapy for them is absolutely necessary. However, it has to start soon otherwise it may not help them recuperate the human conscience that has been destroyed by their evil conscience, which I designate “anti-conscience” because it works against the human conscience.

The anti-conscience is very violent and cruel. The person has to suffer a lot in order to recuperate their sensitivity after completely losing their human conscience after the invasion of this evil content into their human side. At the end of the invasion their human side has no strength at all.

My solution for this tragic problem is craziness prevention for everyone from the first days of their adolescence. This is the only way we can really win the battle against the monster hidden in our anti-conscience, before it becomes too strong.

This is also the only way we can hope to build a peaceful future for mankind and put an end to terror and violence forever.

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