The 16 Best Cyber Monday Deals on Apple Devices

While Apple itself only gets involved in the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales season by offering a voucher for your next iPhone, AirPods or iPad buy, we’re keen on some actual discounts. Thankfully, retailers like Amazon, John Lewis and more have obliged. Whether you’re looking to come up for Air or to get things done like a Pro, we’ve searched by the web—and we certainly didn’t ask Siri—to find the best deals on Apple devices. Take a look below.  

WIRED’s Cyber Monday Edits

Buy a Magic Mouse and you’re likely to love it. except the two hours every eight weeks when you need to recharge it. This mouse demonstrates one of Apple’s most head-banging design decisions, using a charging port on the bottom that method you can’t use it and charge it at the same time. However, it’s nevertheless a great mouse. And already if it does die on you, just a associate of minutes’ charge is enough to get you by a work day. 

Very, Amazon 

This is a fantastic price for Apple’s official keyboard, which is rarely discounted. It’s the complete-size keyboard, with NUM pad, which usually costs £30-50 more than the version without. If you’d prefer that space-saving different you can get it from Amazon, but for exactly the same price. Both are wireless keyboards, and the battery lasts around a month before needing a recharge. 

More emotional-sounding discounts are obtainable for Apple’s older-generation watches. But what if you want the latest and greatest? A few retailers have lopped £20 off the standard price of the Apple Watch Series 7, in both 41mm and 45mm varieties. This sort of saving is doubtful to raise your pulse, but is enough justification to make you buy an Apple Watch today instead of next week. 

The new AirPods 3 (£169) may have been the most recent star of Apple’s audio showcase but its top earbuds also got a neat raise. If you pick up the AirPods Pro now, the case will handily grab onto a MagSafe charger. That new characterize is far from these earbuds’ top selling point, with strong ANC, head tracking Spatial Audio, customisable ear tips and water resistance helping them to stand out. in addition as working seamlessly with iPhones and iPads alike, the sound isn’t half bad either—with crispness and clarity across the highs and lows.

For those most interested in Apple’s convenience over sparkly new features, the original AirPods design is nevertheless a substantial get—now under £100. Like the Pro form, they’ll sync up swiftly with all your Apple devices. The audio quality isn’t top notch, but it’s substantial, particularly for podcast fans. 

Know what you’re buying before adding this Apple iMac to your cart, but it is a sound deal if you’d prefer Intel hardware to one of Apple’s own CPUs. This is a last-generation iMac, with an Intel chief i5 CPU, 8GB RAM and a 256GB SSD. It also has an AMD Radeon Pro 560X GPU, making it more competent than a lot of Windows AiO PCs. This same spec currently costs £1,229 from Apple’s Refurb store. 

While the old, big HomePod was a little to much for most people, the HomePod Mini is truly one of Apple’s best-value products, which makes this additional £20 discount all the more pleasing. Don’t be fooled by the small size, because the Mini can kick out sounds at a quantity you might not think possible from such a diminutive speaker. This, of course, not only makes the HomePod Mini a fine music speaker for any room, especially if you stereo-pair two, it’s also an ideal smart-home center as you command Siri to do your bidding. A information of warning: you’ll need an Apple device to set it up.

If you need a portable Mac with little more strength and stamina than the Air affords, this M1-equipped MacBook Pro is the one to go for. Its screen is a little brighter, its speakers a bit louder, its benchmark scores a tad higher and its battery life a associate of hours longer. Anyone upgrading from an Intel-powered MacBook Pro will see a huge upgrade in performance too. Bless the M1 for its bounties.

We adore this laptop, which takes the portability that’s always made MacBook Airs so alluring and, thanks to the all-conquering M1 chip, stuffs in more than enough raw strength to blaze by CPU-intensive responsibilities such as video encoding—the sort of stuff for which you’d before have needed a MacBook Pro. And all without a fan! For most users, this is more than enough laptop to go around.

We’ve never had a problem with the AirPods Max when it comes to its build quality (impeccable) or sound quality (beautifully balanced and a real treat for the ears). The issue has always been its asking price, which is unjustifiably higher than rivals like the B&W PX7 and Sony WH-1000XM4. While this discount doesn’t snip quite as much as we’d like off the tag, a saving of £120 isn’t to be sniffed at.

Yes, there may well be a newer form around now, but that doesn’t average the Apple Watch Series 6 isn’t nevertheless a fine smartwatch choice—especially when you get £60 off (which also happened to be the lowest we’ve seen in addition for this wearable). You get an optical heart-rate monitor and GPS tracking built in, plus the slick S6 chip. Battery life is perfectly permissible, which method complete-day strength should be more than attainable. Remember that you’ll need to pair this with an iPhone, but the bet part is this Project Red form is one of the best-looking numbers Apple turns out.

If your wrist is crying out for an Apple Watch but you don’t have the budget for a Series 6 (or the need for ECG and SpO2 health monitoring), this budget-friendly form is the one to go for. It offers the distinctive Apple Watch look and a crisp Retina characterize screen plus 18 hours of battery life and the same brisk performance you’d find on a Series 5. 

A lovely silky soft case to protect your iPhone 13 from dings and scratches. It’s got a microfibre interior lining to cushion the handset, in addition as MagSafe tech to make sure phone and case are lined up perfectly. Basically, it’s an official Apple iPhone case and it’s red – you know the drill. 

The aptly named Magic Keyboard really does feel like wizardry when it magnetically snaps onto an iPad Pro, turning the whole thing into a truly cool-looking almost laptop. The keys are lovely to kind on, the trackpad is beautifully responsive and the biggest problem—the eye-wateringly expensive price—is slightly solved by this deal, which makes half of it disappear. Abracadabra!

The sum of £50 off a tablet that ordinarily costs a cool grand may not seem like a killer deal, but with Apple’s rarely reduced premium products you often have to take what you can get. In any case, the iPad Pro 12.9in is our pick for the best overall Apple tablet on the market, particularly if you’re looking for a powerful productivity tool. With its M1 chip it can tear by any task you throw at it, and its built-in speakers are a joy. 

The new AirTags’ use of ultrawide band (UWB) wireless technology (alongside Bluetooth and NFC) makes them extremely precise when it comes to knowing where they are. Apple describes the tech as “GPS on the living room extent”. Stick one to your handbag, keys, pet or other valuable item and finding them when they go astray should be easier than ever. Battery life lasts more than a year. 

WIRED’s Cyber Monday Edits

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