The Bald Eagle – Bird Watching America’s National Bird

The Bald Eagle – Bird Watching America’s National Bird

The bald eagle is America’s national bird. Children are taught from an early age that the bald eagle is a meaningful bird to respect. In addition to it being a meaningful bird, citizens of America view the eagle as a symbol of the ideals of America and all of it’s people who live there and around the world. The impression that Americans reside in a free country bursting with ideals of independence, freedom, and bravery are often felt when Americans watch an eagle soar in the sky.

Unfortunately, these birds were put on the abundant species list because of some people that wanted to have these majestic birds stuffed on their mantelpiece instead of letting them fly free in the air. Thankfully, after much work by government agencies and many volunteers the number of eagle’s have been increasing. These groups have helped to pass laws that protect these incredible birds and also worked tirelessly to restore habitat and rehabilitate injured birds to release back into the wild. With the help of these people and organizations, the eagle is able to be seen in greater numbers in many areas of the United States and in Canada.

Helping The Eagles

There are some things that can be done by those that want to help the eagles. Donating money and time to groups that help the eagles is a great idea. Money and volunteers are often in short supply. It may be an eagle rehabilitation center that needs help or it could be one of the annual eagle counts that are conducted in a number of locations in either country. Also, helping to save and restore habitat of the eagles is very important. Much of their habitat has been destroyed over the years by commercial, industrial and residential developments. This has given them fewer places to nest and raise their offspring which has resulted in less eagles being born in many areas each year. When a person sees an eagle’s nest they should report it to the Fish And Wildlife officials near them so that they can keep track of where the eagles are nesting and hopefully help to preserve that area for them.

Researching on the internet and talking with members of bird watching groups are good places to uncover information and resources about eagles. By gaining greater knowledge about eagles, people will be able to assist in the preservation of these majestic birds. The eagles are benefiting from the efforts made by these people and organizations. However, the more people that get involved and help, the better are the eagles’ odds of existing and already thriving in the years to come.

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