The Quilt: What May Be Fabric To One May Be A Special Memory To Another

The Quilt: What May Be Fabric To One May Be A Special Memory To Another

In one’s life, there are those very special moments that may appear unimportant to some, but could be a vision of priceless values to others. Moments that is a creation by a certain object, time, or air. At a recent annual family gathering, I received a very special priceless moment from a simple but heart-touching creation.

We received on this day the gift of a perfect autumn afternoon. The annual reunion of family gathered under the park shelter, each acknowledging how the beautiful fall colors and the serenity of the surroundings additional to the laughter and friendship of family. The whispering aroma of the barbecue brought the sense of flavor for this joyous event.

As we gathered in a family course of action to give thanks for blessings received, my uncle began to proportion the words of being grateful for all that we were given. My uncle then paused for just a moment, and acknowledged family members who were with us in spirit. It has been several years since a loved one in our family has moved on, but they are the true reason why the gathering under a park shelter on this autumn afternoon was together as family.

The lines begin forming to fill plates with a delicious bounty, but my thoughts were not closest moved toward the tables filled with homemade delicacies. What captured my attention was the spiritual energy of my grandmother near a table adorned with something other than our family meal. She was smiling with pride as if to relay she felt very lucky to be remembered so. I did not understand why she was standing near this particular table, but always know my grandparents would never miss a family gathering. As I moved toward the line, I glanced over once again to see if my grandmother was nevertheless smiling. Her presence was no longer visible, but I felt her smile already more. Later I found the reason why.

Earlier arriving at the park shelter, it was a request that I walk over to a certain table and write down an estimated guess of the number of small bands encased within a large glass jar. This was no surprise, as each of our family reunions include a bit of creativity. I stood at the table and looked at the jar filled with the small colored bands and silently stated that the task would be nothing but a complete guess. Suddenly I heard the words “you’re the oldest, write down what you hear.” Again I was in complete confusion, but wrote down the number ‘208’.

My aunt announced that the correct number of bands in the glass jar was 212, and that I was the closest with 208. What she placed in my hands was a special moment – for the gift was a hand-made quilt made from some of my grandmother’s dresses she wore.

Looking down at the quilt, I then knew why I had saw my grandmother standing near that table with a beautiful smile. It was the same table the quilt was carefully placed as part of this family gathering. As my fingers carefully touched the fabric of grandmother’s dresses, I knew this was one of those special moments in my life’s plan. I am my grandparent’s first grandchild, and grandmother brought to my life memories of love and devotion to family.

To some it may appear as a simple quilt, quite possibly already a bit unimportant. For me, this object, time, and air will always be – a priceless moment.

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