The Tarot Symbolism and Tarot Card Meaning of Strength

The Tarot Symbolism and Tarot Card Meaning of Strength

Strength depicts a woman usually in the act of opening a lion’s mouth. The figure eight which is the tarot symbolism for eternity is drawn over the woman’s head in the form of a hat.

What the woman is doing requires courage and certainty. The tarot symbolism of the human figure is the conscious mind coming to terms with our instinctive animal natures. The woman is taming or controlling these forces which lurk thorough with in us all. This card is ruled by Leo which rules the fifth house of the zodiac. Positive attributes of Leo includes honesty, generosity, loyalty and reliability. It is this fixed sense of purpose combined with high ideals which pervades Strength.

In a tarot card reading, when you draw the Strength it has nothing to do with force or violence. This kind of Strength comes from a generous loving heart.

The tarot card meaning of Strength is that you have the courage of your convictions and will triumph over hatred, miserly attitudes and average spirited enemies. You are filled with faith,strength,optimism and a firm resolve will permit you to win by in any situation.

The other tarot card meaning of Strength is you may be the fortunate recipient of liberality, generosity and fair judgment. You will encounter someone who will fight on your behalf. This person can not stand by and see injustice and cruelty without trying to put things right. Such people will not concede defeat or negativity and their important will strength and energy will inspire you.

Another important tarot card meaning of Strength is reconciliation. If you have been involved in unpleasant argument or have experience antagonism from others you will be able to resolve things now. Strength overcomes dark forces with strength of love, resistance crumbles and you are reconciled with your enemies.

A beloved pet-animal could go into your life is sometimes another tarot card meaning of Strength. You will gain great pleasure from association and find the animal a soothing and healing influence. Animals love unconditionally, they do not estimate you and find you wanting. This is the kind of love symbolized by this card.

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