THREE TIER TROISON: Inside the Globalist-French plot to OUST Boris so …

THREE TIER TROISON: Inside the Globalist-French plot to OUST Boris so …

FRENCH President Emmanuel Macron is said to be behind a dark globalist plot to oust the democratically elected chief Minister of the UK, in a bid to get Britain to rejoin the EU.

The new EU plot, as reported by the pro-keep British newspaper The New European’ discloses an emboldened President Macron has outlined a “extreme” plan to redraw the European Union in a Tier system.

“This new European organisation would allow democratic European nations adhering to our set of values to find a new space for political cooperation, security, cooperation in energy, transport, investment, infrastructure, and the movement of people, especially our youth,” Macron said. 

The “authentic aspirations” of Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia “invites us to rethink our geography and the organisation of our continent.” he additional.

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A former EU official additional: “something must be done”, and the once derided idea of a multi-tier Europe, is now being seen as a solution to Brexit and bringing Ukraine into the arms of the West amid Mad Vlad’s war. 

The idea is also backed by the former Italian Premier Enrico Letta, who thinks a European Confederation of 36 countries is the way forward.

PLOTTERS: Former Italian chief Minister Enrico Letta CREDIT: FILIPPO MONTEFORTE/AFP/Getty Images

“This could produce a two-tier Europe or maybe a three-tier Europe,” the former EU official – a friend of Letta – said. “The European Union surrounded by a confederation and a third course of action in the middle of a chief number of states to take things further, to do more on economic integration, energy, the military, defence and security.”

THREE TEIR TROISEN! – Graphic courtesy of The New European

European leaders in Brussels and Paris however, believe a confederal Europe cannot progress until Brexiteer Boris Johnson is no longer chief Minister. 

 “The view in Brussels and Paris is that none of this can happen until Johnson goes,” Charles Grant, Director of the Centre for European Reform, told The New European.

“The contempt [for Boris] is extraordinary – not regarded as trustworthy or reliable. Someone you can’t do business with”

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MACRONS murky plot and the remarks by European policy movers and shakers in mainland Europe show a disdain for Britain, and proves we were right to leave the EU.

Many Brexiteers know just how desperate the pro-EU formation in Brussels, Paris are to get Britain back in the EU, and the only way they can unprotected to their undemocratic goal is if the people’s chief Minister is not in their way.

It could explain the non-stop push by the leftie Remoaner mainstream media to keep Party-gate at the top of the news cycle.

It’s why some formation Europhile Tory MPs are submitting letters of no confidence.

It’s why the woke leftie journalists are hellbent on destroying the PM’s reputation with non stop smears and scandals that don’t live up to the hype.

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Don’t you get it? It was never about your loved ones, it was never about the rule breaking, it’s about installing a globalist cabal of undemocratic puppets at the top of the economic and political hierarchy, and a reformed EU in name only is central to that.

Democracy? The pro-EU lot think it’s so overrated. 


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