Three Traits That Would Make Him Treasure You

Did you ever surprise why he seems to tune you out all the time? He doesn’t listen, nor does he talk much with you. How on Earth are you going to communicate if there’s no talking or listening?

The truth is that men aren’t really big on opening up and sharing what they think, already if the problem needs to be resolved by talking.

Most of the time you may be uncertain and doubtful, simply because you don’t know how he really feels, and the more that you bug him about opening up, the more he seems to clam up. This only gets you upset.

But the thing is, when you get upset and freak out, most of the time he doesn’t understand why. He’ll feel awful that he doesn’t understand why it’s such a big deal for you, and he’d think that the scene is a nightmare that he needs to run away from. And sure enough, that’s what most men do.

To keep this from happening, you must remember three things in your relationship that could help you make it last.

Trait #1 – A thorough Level of allurement

You may call it at all event way you want – chemistry, allurement, spark – but this thorough level of allurement is something that you feel in your guts. You can’t explain it, but you simply feel it. If you have this kind of intense allurement then nothing else will matter. He must feel that allurement that goes way beyond the physical.

The sad thing is that women tend to try too hard to make the man like her. If you do this, you’ll end up pushing him away because he’ll see you as desperate, clingy and way too emotional for him.

Trait #2 – “Emotional Engagement”

Unlike women, men won’t regularly want to know how you feel, and he won’t want to understand how you feel all the time either. Of course it would be perfect if he was programmed this way, but he simply isn’t. Men aren’t emotional creatures like women, and they automatically tune the woman out when there are a lot of emotions going around that he doesn’t understand. It’s his way of coping with a situation that is too complicate for him.

In other words, men don’t (and can’t) take hints. You’ll need to talk to him in a level that he can relate to, already if it method having to be brutally honest with everything you say. After all, isn’t it easier to love someone who has nothing to hide?

Trait #3 – “Effortless Communication”

“Good communication attracts and inspires good communication in return.”

It’s painful to accept the reality that you’re responsible for the words you say. He’s not responding to you the way you want him to simply because you’re not using the right words and avenues of communicating. To make it easier to talk to him about things, you’ll need to be sensitive to how he thinks and speaks his mind. When you understand how he thinks, it’ll be easier for you to communicate with him in a way that both of you can relate to.

Think about the three elements above and you will be amazed at how he’ll see you in a different light. Instead of thinking about moving away, he’ll start thinking about how to keep you as the treasure you are.

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