Tips After Your First DUI Charge

Though few state courts are exactly alike, how the officer acts during a drinking and driving arrest is made, how courts punish you for drinking and driving, and how you can rebuild your life are comparatively similar. A drinking and driving offense can be called a DUI, DWI, or OWI, meaning that you are driving under the influence, driving while intoxicated, or operating while intoxicated. In most situations, these laws average the same thing.

If you just got pulled over for a DUI charge, and you’re unsure of what’s next, this guide is for you. While it does not potential to save you from doing jail time, facing large fines, or license suspensions, it can help.

What to Expect From the Officer

The police officer who pulls you over is just doing his or her job. Crying, yelling, getting physical, saying too much, being verbally abusive – they never work and can be used against you. The officer can pull you over after suspecting you’ve been drinking. If you’re swerving in and out of lanes, run a stop sign, fail to signal while turning across multiple lanes, already if you’re just speeding – these will get you pulled over for simply breaking the law, and if you happen to be drinking it’s already worse.

You can expect the officer to ask you some questions. If he or she believes you’ve been drinking, your BAC (blood alcohol content) will be tested. If you fail this test, or if the officer has definite suspicion you’ve been drinking and driving, you can be arrested and charged.

What to Expect in Court

You need a DUI attorney the moment you get arrested. Do not say anything else you get a lawyer, but allow for tests to be made if needed. Your attorney will represent you in court, do most of the talking, advise you on how to plead, and perhaps get you a lesser charge. The estimate in a DUI case is hard to please: judges see situations like yours on a daily basis. That method you need to prove to them what you think happened. If you let in closest, or if you decide to fight the charges, you need to consult with your attorney. Make no decisions on your own.

What Penalties to Expect

For a first time DUI charge, you can expect lesser penalties than if you’re a multiple offender. Most states, if not all, give stiff penalties for drinking and driving. There is almost always at the minimum some jail time, your license will be suspended for one year if not more, and you can confront fines of $1,000 or more. If you get multiple DUI charges, remember that these penalties get much worse.

Who to Hire

Since your DUI attorney is to important, you may be wondering how to hire one. You may have never had to defend yourself in court. An experienced attorney can help. In order to hire one, you can query some and ask basic questions on fees and experience. If they potential the world, you should know that most drinking and driving charges end in punishments. Hire someone with the knowledge and ability to manager your case in court.

How to Rebuild (And Never Do It Again)

Your first DUI should be your last. You need not deal with this again. Remember by drinking ad driving, you risk yourself and others. If you avoid ever drinking and driving again, you can get your license back, save money, and avoid further jail time.

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