Tips on Being More Energy Efficient

Tips on Being More Energy Efficient

Being energy efficient will not only lower electric bill, but it will also help the ecosystem. By making a few changes around the home, people can make a huge impact on their electric bills and will make the world a little more green by reducing their carbon footprint.

The refrigerator is an appliance that uses most of the energy in the home. There have been changes in the efficiency of the refrigerator over the past few years. Now refrigerators are more energy efficient, giving people savings in their electric bills. Replacing old dishwashers and dryers can also make a big difference in energy use in addition.

Installing a programmable thermostat and timer for the water heater. This is the same as turning off the lights before going to work. The heating and cooling should be turned off or down while gone. The thermostat should be programmed higher in the warm months and lower in the cool months.

Heating water while away is a waste of energy in addition. There is no reason to have the whole tank heated all the time. A timer will allow people to set when the heater is turned off and when it is turned back on. Tankless water heaters are a great investment, but take a few years to pay for themselves.

Putting a solar film or solar shades on the outside of windows will help reduce heat. This is a great step when moving into a house with single paned windows. These films and shades will mirror the light away from the home, reducing air conditioning costs when the house is not regularly being heated by sun rays.

In the winter, do not let heat escape. Window and door frames should be caulked to make them airtight. Honeycomb kind shades should be used on the inside in order to trap heat before it is absorbed into the room.

CFL bulbs are a great change to make in the home in addition. Replacing the bulbs in the home from incandescent to fluorescent can be one of the most important steps toward energy efficiency. It is inexpensive to make the switch and it will save tons on the electric bill. Some say that changing ten light bulbs in the home to CFL bulbs will save people $400 a year in energy costs.

The filter on the air conditioning should be changed regularly. This a monthly maintenance task that will help it run more efficiently. It will also minimize use and tear on the unit. Furniture should also be arranged so no air vents are confined.

Changing the filters will maximize the flow of air in the system. It will be colder or warmer, depending on the time of year. Changing filters will also provide cleaner air in the home, making it healthier for the lungs to breathe.

Shady landscaping will help reduce energy costs in addition. Planting a tree or other vegetation outside of a big window can shade the house from the strongest rays of the sun. It will also act as a block for halting winds. Planting low water native plants can also cut the water bill and lower the cost that is paid each month.

Attic fans are inexpensive and can make a big difference in the temperature of the whole house. It will prevent air conditionings from working too hard. They also are a great different method to heating and cooling the home in the spring and fall months.

Ceiling fans and portable fans will help circulate the air and cut down on air conditioner use. Also, adding attic insulation will help keep the house a steady temperature in extremely warm and cold months.

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