Tips to Pass a Talent Show Audition – What to Prepare and Practice

Tips to Pass a Talent Show Audition – What to Prepare and Practice

Talent shows are always popular on television and already in schools and different organizations. Not only that, joining talent shows is a great stepping stone in having a career in show business, consequently many are flocking to wherever there is a talent show audition in the hope of being discovered by talent managers and ultimately get into the world of show business.


Probably the most popular talent shows nowadays are singing competitions, which often cause a sensation on televisions. They are the talent shows greatly desired by most people especially that they give the greatest exposure and the biggest chance to get into stardom. If you are aiming for these great competitions of talent, do not hesitate to participate in talent shows – may it be small or just within your hometown. These for sure will enhance your talent and you will be equipped to confront a bigger talent show audition in the future.


The Right Choice of Song


You might have heard it over and over from American Idol judges when they get to criticize the contestant’s song choice. Indeed, there are songs that fit the quality of your voice or your personality and it is always wise to pick a song that highlights your talent. Of course, you have to consider the pitch and the range of your voice if it matches with your song choice. As a singer, you should learn know your voice and learn what songs fit your voice quality.


At times, the lyrics of your chosen song matters, although sometimes people may seem to not pay attention to the lyrics, but when you are in a talent show audition, trying to impress the judges, do not impress them with a song having vulgar or sexually explicit words. You could be giving them a hint to send you home.


What to Practice


already if you have the right song or audition piece, do not go to a talent show audition unprepared. Practice your piece before trying to impress other people. You can hire a vocal coach or trainer to help you with your song. Also prepare another alternate song in case you are asked to sing another piece, and practice it too. Do not only practice your song but practice your overall performance – the way you move on stage, your gestures, how to establish eye contact and how to get that connection with your audience.


What to Prepare


Prepare your vocal chords before the audition. Do not push your voice to its limits until it will be all gone on the day of the auditions. Have a good rest before the auditions so you will get the energy level you need for your audition. Prepare your self. Your outfit will also be a factor in talent show auditions, so dress appropriately. Be presentable. With a great talent and alluring look, you could be the total package they are looking for. Talent show auditions can be nerve-wracking as you watch other performers go on stage. Be prepared to be confident and just think about enjoying the performance while giving your best. 

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