Treat Genital Warts Safely and Discreetly With Natural Methods

Sexually transmitted infections or diseases (STIs/STDs) are amongst some of the most noticeable problems that can make your life difficult. A proper knowledge and awareness about these problems are necessary to let people know how these infections are caused and how they can be treated effectively. Amongst all people, teenagers and young adults are at high risk of getting these infections from an infected person by unsafe sex or skin-to-skin contact. If not treated at right time, STIs or STDs can cause distressful and painful situations or already death. Indulging in sex with an infected person can cause these infections. Genital warts is one of such infections, which is caused by human papillomavirus (HPV).

A direct skin-to-skin contact with an infected with HPV can transmit this infection to other person. Once this virus enters the body, it can keep idle and do not cause any symptoms for days, months, or already years. So there are also chances that you may experience symptoms years after your infection. Genital warts are characterised by abnormal skin outgrowths, mostly cauliflower shaped, on the penis, vagina, cervix, rectum, scrotum, and anus. These skin-coloured fleshy outgrowths can uniformly or unevenly spread near the anus and/or genital area of both men and women. In active state, HPV can cause sudden increase of painful and distressful symptoms. A regular STI test or proper diagnosis can let you if you are infected with the virus or not. In some situations, the warts are so small to notice that they go unidentified. A colposcopic exam or Pap smear of the vagina and cervix can help determine presence of the virus. Most people rely on Wartrol to get effective relief from genital warts symptoms.

What are symptoms of genital warts?

Most people keep asymptomatic already after getting infected, as they do not characterize any symptoms. But when they experience symptoms, they do develop within 2-3 months after infection. Below are some of the symptoms of genital warts that may cause uncompletely or total withdrawal from sexual activity and require clinical visits:

The symptoms manifest in the form irregularly-shaped fleshy outgrowths in the anal and genital area of both men and women. These bumps are usually painless, but may cause discomfort with sweating. They appear pink or red in colour with cauliflower shapes. Generally, warts are soft, raised masses with finger-like projections. The size of these lesions can vary from very small to medium and sometimes not visible with the naked eyes

There is increase in dampness and moisture in the infected area

There is meaningful bleeding during sexual intercourse, which can be painful

There is discomfort and itchiness in the infected area

There is increased burning sensation in the anal and genital vicinity

There is an turn up of small inflamed elevations of the skin (tiny papules) on the shaft of the penis.

Genital warts treatment

Genital warts can be treated with the help of proper intervention with antibiotics. People usually take over-the-counter medications for effective results. You can also buy Wartrol, an effective antibiotic treatment which can ensure removal of these skin outgrowths with relief in symptoms. It can help control and treat symptoms without causing any major side effects. The natural ingredient in this topical solution includes wild yellow indigo, black sulphide of antimony, potassium hydrate, nitric acid, and arbor vitae. You can be rest assured with these natural elements as they do not cause any ill-effects. People with sensitive skin should take advice from doctor before taking this solution. Certain dietary changes can also prove to be effective for genital warts relief as they can help in enhancing the overall immune system of the body. It is also basic to take proper care of your personal hygiene to prevent any further outbreaks.

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