Unlimited Bandwidth – Is There Such a Thing?

Unlimited Bandwidth – Is There Such a Thing?

Bandwidth is the term used to describe the amount of information that can be transmitted over an internet connection within a specific amount of time. Different hosting companies deal with bandwidth in different ways. Most set a limit on the amount of bandwidth that can be used in a month. Some charge you additional if you go over the limit, and others will disconnect you until the next month. There are some hosting companies which claim unlimited bandwidth. In order to understand what they are really offering, you need to understand bandwidth.

How Does Bandwidth Work?

If your website is five megabytes in size, and a thousand people visit your site, this uses up five gigabytes of bandwidth. When you decide what company you want to great number your website, you need to take into account both similarities that influence the amount of bandwidth that will be used when people access your website. The size of the website and the number of people who visit it determine your necessary bandwidth.

A website that features mostly text, with little or no images and no video, will not require a great deal of bandwidth, especially if there are not very many people who visit the site. Most sites use up only about five hundred megabytes a month. If the same site becomes extremely popular, you will need high bandwidth, of course.

If, however, your site features multimedia, it is much more likely that you will need high bandwidth. As an example, if there was a single hundred megabyte video on your site and it was viewed a hundred times a day, that alone would take up three hundred gigabytes a month.

What is Unlimited Bandwidth?

The short answer is that there is no such thing as unlimited bandwidth.

No matter what a hosting company may claim, they are not offering unlimited bandwidth. This is simply impossible. There is no hard excursion with an unlimited amount of space, and there is no internet service provider that offers an unlimited number of megabytes per second.

The fact of the matter is, if it were possible to have an unlimited amount of bandwidth for just thirty dollars a month, major corporations would only have to pay thirty dollars a month to great number their complete business. Imagine if Google or YouTube only had to use thirty dollars a month to great number their websites. This is clearly impossible.

The fine print of any of these websites will explain what “unlimited” truly method. Your bandwidth is “unlimited” until it reaches a limit. This limit may be as low as nine hundred megabytes. Alternatively, you might be restricted from posting multimedia on your website, so that it is “unlimited” except for the fact that your website must consist thoroughly of text.

Another possibility is that your website will be inspected to see if it qualifies for unlimited bandwidth. That is, if they know your site is small enough that it won’t go beyond their limits, they will grant you “unlimited” bandwidth. If your site gets too big, they will revoke your “unlimited” position and charge you more, or they will shut down the site.

Worse nevertheless, some scam companies will simply claim to have unlimited bandwidth and let you pay them until their servers become clogged and they go out of business with your money in their pockets.

When Is Unlimited Bandwidth Okay?

As long as you understand the terms and conditions are are well aware that the bandwidth isn’t really unlimited, and that your requirements won’t go beyond the actual limit, it is fine to choose an “unlimited” bandwidth plan. It might be advisable to look for more honest companies, however, who tell you upfront what the bandwidth limit is.

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