Using a Toy Lottery Ball Machine is a Fun Way to Pick Lotto Numbers

Using a Toy Lottery Ball Machine is a Fun Way to Pick Lotto Numbers

How do you pick your lotto numbers? Do you use a system or do you prefer to pick random numbers? For those of you that like to use random lotto numbers, it is quite difficult to truly choose random numbers without assistance. That is because our brains follow certain patterns, making it quite difficult to create true randomness, unassisted. There are many ways to truly pick truly random numbers and my favorite is by using a toy lottery ball machine because it is fun – after all, it is a toy.

A Toy lottery ball machine is a little plastic sphere that you could keep up in your hand with a small opening at the bottom that allows six tiny balls to randomly drop. You just shake the toy, let the six balls drop, and then use those six numbers as your lotto numbers. If you have never seen this before, you could probably find one in your local dollar store.

A toy lottery ball machine provides you with truly random numbers because, after you shake it, you have no control over what balls drop. It is just like buying a “quick pick” ticket, except that the toy chooses the numbers instead of a computer.

I think that using toy lottery ball machines are a fun way to pick numbers because a little toy has control over your destiny. Imagine winning the lottery and becoming an moment millionaire solely because of a little plastic toy. Now that would be pretty amazing, wouldn’t it?

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