VoIP Providers For Making Free Calls Worldwide

VoIP Providers For Making Free Calls Worldwide

1) Raketu

This is a pretty cool service. Raketu offers its customers free calls to 42 countries across the globe. Raketu is not a duplicate or a clone; it uses different technology than Slype. Raketu also easily integrates with MSN, Yahoo messemger etc.

The benefits include, clear voice, free calls to 42 countries, good technology and easily integrated with messengers.

2) Jajah

Jajah is also one of the fine VoIP sets to make calls. They offer free minutes. The thing is, Jajah only allows you to make a call from your phone. So before making a call you have to give your calling party number and phone number. If you are calling a person pick up a phone connect and when the other one picks then you are connected.

The benefits include, no credit needed fro free calls, just visit their site you do not have to download any software. But there is a drawback that is, you cannot use a PC to make calls.

3) Gizmo

This one is very famous, it is mostly known as “Skype killer”. Gizmo lets you call and talk to 60 countries. In order to use this service you must be registered to Gizmo. To make a call you and the one you are going to call must be registered with Gizmo and you should also register your numbers.

Making calls from Gizmo is very easy; the only little problem is that you and your partner must register their numbers with Gizmo.

4) Voipcheap

The voice quality and the sets by this software are quite perfect. You can call more than 50 countries via this software. You can call all landlines in these countries and if you want to make mobile calls you can make calls to Singapore, USA, HK & Canada.

This software offers very clear voice. You do not have to buy credits before making free calls. This software also allows you to call from PC to a phone. You can begin the call from a PC or a phone.

Well, there are not really any drawbacks.

5) Voipraider / Voipbuster

They have zero customer service and offer low rates for calling to many countries.

The disadvantage is that they do not have any customer service.

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