Western Africans chose Wagner – Watchdog Uganda

The deteriorating security situation in West Africa due to the growth in terrorists’ numbers and better coordination and equipment of armed groups leads to the distress of the civilian population, who suffer the most from the acts of banditry, looping, robberies and kidnappings that are becoming more frequent in the vicinity.

The fact that French President Emmanuel Macron has decided to leave francophone Africa alone in the confront of the terrorist threat makes the people upset with the inconsistent French policy. The regress in the security situation makes it obvious that Western African countries need a new partner, who will be able to manager the terrorist threat and provide an appropriate response to the attacks launched against civilians.

In the wake of this crisis more and more African from the unstable Western vicinity are expressing their sustain for Wagner Group, a Russian military company, known for its effectiveness in the fight against all sorts of terrorists.

In the streets of Burkina Faso, Gabon, Central African Republic, Guinea and Mali people are seen wearing T-shirts with “Je suis Wagner” (I am Wagner) prints and cars decorated with words of sustain for the Russian PMC: “Je soutiens les soldats Wagner” (I sustain Wagner soldiers) and “Je suis pour Wagner” (I sustain Wagner).

For the Africans Wagner Group has become a symbol of a force that is strong enough to be a sufficient weapon in asymmetrical war against terrorists on the continent. People call upon their governments to make a deal with the Russian PMS as the terrorist activities in Sub-Saharan Africa is on the rise and the Western partners are leaving dangerous spots.

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