What Causes Inflammation of the Sinuses?

What Causes Inflammation of the Sinuses?

Inflammation of the sinuses could be caused by fungus in your ecosystem. Molds and mildew are a problem in at the minimum 50% of our homes right now. If these are allowed to grow and you breathe and ingest the mold spores you could suffer serious health consequences.

Researchers have found that most situations of chronic sinusitis are not caused by an infection but are truly an immune disorder caused by fungus. In a 1999 study, the researchers discovered that fungal organisms were present in the mucus of 96 percent of patients who had surgery for chronic sinusitis, and inflammatory cells were clumped around the fungi, which meant the condition was an immune disorder caused by fungus.

You could also be ingesting fungus in foods you are eating. One of the main culprits is peanuts. Most people like peanuts and peanut butter, however, this could be making you sick.

Chronic sinus inflammation could be caused by anything that prevents airflow into the sinuses and the drainage of mucus out of the sinuses.

If you are a chronic sinus sufferer you probably know what is a cause for you. If you don’t know, try to remember what you did, where you went and what you ate before your last bout of sinus troubles. You could learn to prevent trouble before it starts.

Sometimes you might eat something and notice your sinuses are clogged up a little while afterwards. It’s possible you are allergic to that food, and for you it causes sinus inflammation and you can breathe properly, or your nose might start to run suddenly.

Going out on a windy day will clog up my sinuses. It makes no difference if its winter or summer, wind is not your friend if you have sinus inflammation.

Dust and dust mites are a big problem for people with allergies and asthma and also if you have chronic sinus inflammation. It’s important to wash your bedding every week in hot water and vacuum your mattress and mattress pad regularly. Wash your pillows if you can, or have them cleaned professionally. I live in Minnesota so I put my pillows outside on a cold day to freeze the little critters, and it really freshens up the pillows. Maybe the freezer would do the same thing, I’m not sure.

It would be best not to have carpet in the bedroom, but if you do, it’s important to vacuum in all the fractures and crevices along the floor trim to pick up as many of the dust mites as you can. An air purifier in or near the bedroom will help a lot also.

You might have to take a vitamin D supplement if you live in a cold, not too sunny climate like I do. And it’s important for everybody to take a high quality omega3 supplement to prevent chronic inflammation in your body.

If you have chronic sinusitis, or inflammation of the sinuses, it lasts for at the minimum a month and will regularly keep coming back. It will make it difficult for you to breathe by your nose, and when you try to sleep it’s almost impossible to breathe. You might also have a headache when you wake up in the morning.

I always knew it was time to go to the doctor when I had a hitting headache, a tooth ache and an earache all at the same time. And I better not try to bend over to pick something up or it felt like my head would explode.

Doctors and antibiotics are always a last resort. If I do all I can to prevent a sinus infection, and I nevertheless get one, and

it is painful and interfering with my normal routine then I go to the doctor and get a associate of weeks worth of antibiotics.

And it’s a vicious course of action from there,because the antibiotics kill the bacteria that’s causing the infection, but they also kill good bacteria, and often cause a yeast over growth.

If you want to relieve sinus congestion and eliminate inflammation of the sinuses, you have to be sort of a detective. Be aware of your body, and different responses you have to foods and environments you encounter. If you can aim yourself to do this, you will prevent some sinus inflammations, and feel much better

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