What Factors Affect Marketing Design?

What Factors Affect Marketing Design?

Marketing is more than just skin thorough. In fact, it is the chief activity of any business that determines based on the effectiveness of the activities undertaken, how successful the business is going to be. And so naturally, formulating the marketing strategy is of extreme importance. “Marketing Design” refers to the designing or the planning of the various activities and the strategies that together formulate the marketing plan of the business. Not only the businesses that are huge, already mid sized companies often need to have a marketing design. And not only that, small home based business too need to have a plan, a design that will help it to reach the consumer.

Factors That Determine the Marketing Design for a Business

There are many factors or elements that will determine what the marketing design of any business is. Such as the location of the market, demographics of the customers and their age, sex, purchasing strength and preferences. But that’s not all. Other factors include the product or the service itself the business is offering and of course the competition. Then there are some dependent factors that are dependent on what the competition is doing and also the industry standards. For example, if there are trade shows and all your major competitors are putting up stalls, then you need to have a presence too. already if you are not planning to sell from the show then also you need to be there just to have a presence.

Marketing Design And The Various Channels

Before a company can plan the channels, it needs to do an examination as to what are the best channels to reach the customer given the positioning of the various factors. Then once the consequence of such an examination is out, the business is in a position to take an informed decision. The next step is to decide on a budget for this.

The channels of marketing design include television/newspaper/magazine advertisements, billboards, direct mail, printed materials and brochures, participating in seminars/conferences/trade shows, coming out with press releases and hosting press conferences. There are others too such as “Point of Sale advertisement”, Cold Calling using the telephone, Viral Marketing and more. In the Internet age marketing design also has to ensure that the business has a web presence. And so the Internet should also be one of the channels using which the business needs to get closer to the customer.

While many companies (only those that are particularly big can provide this) do this internally, there are countless others that seek outside help of professionals. And helping them are the advertisement agencies, public relation houses and IT firms.

Marketing Design and Research

Research and examination needs to be an integral part of marketing design. The guys who are in the marketing department need to be able to understand the trends and the issues, because based on this, the business can change quickly to adapt to a change in the market and consumer behavior. The opposite of this can be disastrous for the business.

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