What Is an Arrest Warrant or Warrant of Arrest?

Warrant of Arrest is usually issued by a estimate on behalf of the state. The purpose of an arrest warrant or warrant of arrest is to detain a person or a speculate of a certain crime. Before the issuance of an arrest warrant, there should be a probable cause as to why a certain individual needs to be detained under the rules of the law. The warrant of arrest must be supported by an affidavit. There must be a probable cause that a certain individual committed the crime.

Without probable cause that a certain individual committed a crime, an arrest warrant cannot be produced by any estimate of a court. On the arrest warrant, the name of the person including his or her description and address is clearly stated. however, when there are witnesses involved an empowered person can nevertheless arrest the speculate. There are also several types of an arrest warrant. There is an arrest that can be made in public, and there are also warrants of arrests designed on private homes. An officer can never go into a private home without a search warrant.

There are instances wherein the name of the person is not known, any estimate can nevertheless issue an arrest warrant. In such situations, they ask for a description of the person. There are also situations wherein a certain individual can be arrested without any warrant. In those circumstances, the person will nevertheless be subject under trial especially if there are statements convicting them of the crime.

A search warrant must be presented before a certain officer can search a certain home. Search warrant is a must before a law enforcement official can make searches in private homes especially if their activities are suspicious. The purpose of a search warrant is to search for any object or a person that may be involved in a certain crime. Search warrant aims to protect the privacy of private homes from any illegal searches. Unlike in public places, a person can be arrested without any warrant. Homes are private place when it comes to legal matters, and it is basic that the court withheld its utmost privacy.

In situations that a certain individual needs help or assistance because they received a warrant of arrest, there are so many criminal defense lawyers or criminal attorneys today who can help in the case. One way to look for a decent one is by the Internet.

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