What To Do In Cancun! And How Much Does It Cost

What To Do In Cancun! And How Much Does It Cost

Cancun has a large variety of activities obtainable. The hotels are so nice that many visitors are happy to use their vacation at the hotel. If you want some other things to do here are some activities and approximate US prices as of December 2006. Prices are per adult unless otherwise stated.

Jungle Tour by Aqua World $38.50 Ride a wave runner and then snorkel. I liked this one.

Atlantis Submarine $32 Child, $64 adult – I liked this one.

Chichen Itza – Transportation Only $30 Adult, Child $14 All day tour to the ruins. A deluxe trip may include a deluxe double decker bus, breakfast and lunch, drinks, and admission. This costs more than twice as much as the transportation only trip, but you get a lot more.

Telum Trips – Varies with options – Adult price is usually in the $40 to $75 range.

Xcaret – $45 Child, $72 adult

A park with lots of attractions. Trips vary in time and transport options.

Xel-Ha – $60 Adult, $35 child

All day, includes transport, entrance fee, snorkeling, and exploring.

Isla of Mujores – About $25 boat to the island. Snorkel and lunch tours for about $25. Shopping, ride a golf cart around the island, etc.. I like this one.

Captain Hook Buffet Dinner Cruise – $60

Caribbean Carnival Lobster Dinner Cruise – $71

Indiana Joe’s ATV Jungle Tour – $70

Jeep Safari – Child $49, Adult $75

2 Tank Scuba Dive – Around $60

Wet ‘N Wild Water Park Entrance Fee – $29 adult, $20 child

Bullfights – $32

Prices and details change so verify everything. Be aware that very low prices are sometimes offered for activities. This usually requires something like a time-proportion presentation. Avoid this unless you want to use hours getting a high pressure sales pitch!

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