What You Need To Know About Photovoltaic Systems

First used in 1890, the photovoltaic (PV) information has two parts: “photo” which method light, and “volt” which is a measurement unit named for Alessandro Volta who is a pioneer in the study of electricity. Combining the two words, you can say that photovoltaic is light-electricity.

elements of a PV system

There are a number of elements that make up a PV system. The most shared elements are: PV panels, charge regulator, inverter, wiring, mounting hardware and one or more batteries. These elements work together to give you electricity that is derived from the sun.

How PV systems differ from other solar energy technologies

PV systems work by converting sunlight to electricity using a PV cell which is usually made of semiconductor materials.

This is contrary to how other systems such as concentrating solar strength systems work. These systems work by concentrating the sun’s energy using reflective devices such as mirror panels in order to produce heat that is used to generate electricity.

As you can see, the systems work in different ways.

Where photovoltaic systems can be used

PV systems can be used both at home and in business. At home, they can be used in home electrical systems such as cooling systems, lights and appliances.

The good side is that modern PV systems can be easily blended into both traditional and nontraditional homes. For ideal results, you should mount the panels onto a south-facing wall or roof.

When it comes to business, the systems can be used in almost all structures for commercial buildings. For example, you can find the system being used outdoors to provide security lighting. The systems can also be used in parking lots and bus shelters.

Benefits of PV systems

There are a number of benefits that come with photovoltaic systems. One of the benefits is that once you buy them, you won’t be required to pay monthly energy bills. This is because the electricity will be coming from the sun.

Another advantage is that using the system aids in reducing air pollution and conserving the ecosystem.

Unlike obtaining electricity from diesel supplies which often pollute the ecosystem, getting electricity from PV systems aids in preventing emission of unhealthy gases which aids in maintaining the ecosystem in perfect working conditions.

This is what you need to know about Photovoltaic systems. To ensure that you are buying the right and high quality product, you should ensure that you make your buy in a authentic store.

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