What’s on Your Jetson’s List?

What’s on Your Jetson’s List?

You’ve probably heard about making a “Bucket List” of exciting adventures you’d like to experience. I have had many things that I have gratefully checked off mine: Swimming with wild dolphins (AWESOME), skydiving (anytime again!), bungee-jumping (never again!!), hot air ballooning (thanks mum), and already having children (yes it is an adventure). So I was plateau-ing in my new adventures… I live in a warm paradise like I am on long-lasting holiday and I have not been climbing new mountains. It’s just been a steady journey for quite a while (except for my new cruising adventures!!)

One day, I noticed something about my thinking perspective. I was watching the new movies of Star Trek and I could see a future San Francisco superimposed onto my current memories. If you have read Speed Manifesting™ you’ll recognize the meaningful to Speed there.

Well it occurred to me that in my personal daily imagining, it was not a future at all – it was just more of the same old world, with different adventures, things and types of relationships. So I pondered what a future 20-30 years from now would be like, based on the current speed of technology and communication in our work, relationships and household.

And that brought up another desire – why does my home nevertheless look essentially like my grandparent’s home built 65 years ago? Same walls, same plugs, same doorknobs, same architecture. Where is all the new technology inside the structure of our homes? Why don’t we have walls that collect sunlight and glow back at night? Why don’t we have other innovations within the architecture and building of our houses? It’s not because of costs, and I realized quickly that it is standardization, building codes, suppression and protection of traditional industries.

in any case. I want new!

So I stepped back and used the only few reference points I know.

1. Star Trek

2. George Jetson

I know you are laughing at me right now, I can hear you!

But seriously, where are my conveyor belts, Rosie the Robot, portal-elevators and anti-grav cars? We have a lot of new technology, but some areas are far behind the innovations.

I then heard my own voice tell me, “then imagine it!”

And so began my new list. I call it my Jetson’s list.

Here is what’s on it so far…

1. anti-grav zero fuel car with solar powered air conditioning

2. crystal skylights inserted into my roof for natural lighting

3. solar-flowers for electricity (yes it exists, it’s just not around)

4. Air-ports that are PlanetPortal wormholes, taking you wherever you want to go immediately

5. peace and wealth around the world by technology

It’s fun to stretch my imagination into bigger possibilities, and see a future 20-30 years that may very well be obtainable. I may already get a home stargate portal one day.

What would be on your Jetson’s List?

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