When A Flee Bargain Is Better Than a Plea Bargain

Plea bargains are an attempt to smooth the water or make a situation more palatable to us; in court we trade a plea of guilty for a reduced sentence. In life we trade for something we thought was near and dear to us to ‘come together’ on an issue or situation. already if it tastes bitter to us, we have agreed to go along to get along with someone. Sometimes it is far better if we opt for a flee bargain and just decide to let go and get gone from at all event has caused us to decide we must negotiate.

When is a flee bargain the better deal?

1) When you find yourself in a situation or relationship, already at work, where your self-worth is determined by someone other than you; when you find yourself looking by their eyes to gain approval or a determination about who you are.

2) When you find yourself in in addition another discussion and surprise how many times you have given in or given up to make peace and nevertheless make another effort. You have lost sight of what you have given up or turned away from all in the name of appeasing someone else.

3) When you realize that a friend, co-worker, boss or partner’s derogatory comments no longer seem to shock or hurt you. You have been hurt so badly by this time that your emotions exist in a perpetual state of being anesthetized. This is beyond being numb; you have lost the ability to expect good things from these people.

4) When you recognize that everyone in a group; family, friends or at work, expect you to be the one who will buckle and give in and give up in a battle. You have lost so many times by now that your winning will never be tolerated by these kinds of people. You have gracefully accepted defeat so many times they see you as a loser.

5) When you begin a discussion by swallowing the bile that naturally rises up from the expectations of the discussion. No one is really listening to you by this point; they simply use you for a battering ram to open a door for themselves.

6) When you arrive home and the best emotion you can find is a sigh; another day another disappointment. You’ve already given in too many times; time to give up the goal of trying to hug the broken pieces back together.

7) When you wake up and surprise how you’ll make it by another day; and they all seem the same.

8) When you can’t find the answer to “What makes you happy in your life?”

9) When you can’t remember the feeling of joy and expectation from meeting a friend, a lover, a spouse or already a sibling. Time to disconnect the ties that bind you to them.

10) When you understand or accept that bitterness is a taste you have acquired.

When you begin to experience and accept these kinds of emotions, it’s time to flee.

Put your shoes on and let your feet hit the ground running. Don’t bother taking the time to trade anything else in a plea to get by something that is no longer worth the tradeoff. It’s time to live and let life be on a new set of terms and conditions, like your own happiness!

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