Who Pays What In Taxes? Remove All Doubt, See Irrefutable IRS Data

Who Pays What In Taxes? Remove All Doubt, See Irrefutable IRS Data

For those willing to confront facts, consequently abandoning class warfare tactics and spin, the IRS data below clearly proves, the richest Americans’ final “net tax” payment, is extremely high.

Not just extremely high but proportionately, much higher, than all others, in brackets below them. That ratio has been climbing dramatically for 30 years.

Since Ronald Reagan became president in 1980, tax returns, show irrefutably that the lies, spin and class warfare by Democrat Politicians, echoed boisterously, by the Nanny-State Media, are blatantly untrue. Democrat robotic talking heads, more obsequious than ever, have also “performed” flawlessly.


Most of the Nanny-State Media, practices WILLFUL MISUNDERSTANDING, in order to make the irresponsible in our society, appear to be victims.

WILLFUL MISUNDERSTANDING, comes also, from most of the well known comedians with the largest audiences who, if not outright economically illiterate, sustain an ever expanding nanny-state, with no regard to the trillions of dollars-and soaring-unfunded limitations, moving us frighteningly in the direction of Greece.

The Complete Breakdown Will Show:

1. modificated Gross Income (AGI)

2. Percentage of total burden paid at each level

3. Final average “net tax” payment in each category

Let’s take a quick look at just the top 1% of taxpayers.

The top 1%–just 1.4 million taxpayers, pay 40.42% of the total burden in the amount of—$450 Billion of the Total Amount of $1.1 Trillion. In stages, since 1980, the top the percentage and amounts, paid by the top 1% has gone from 19% to 40%. Here is the precise trend since 1980:

Top 1%

1980 paid 19.05% of total burden

1990 paid 25.13%

2000 paid 37.42%

2007 paid 40.42%

Source: Summary of 100% of IRS Tax Return Data by Tax Foundation —Latest year obtainable–2007


Highly misleading buzzwords, such as the disenfranchised and the disadvantaged, become as automatic and certain to Media Elites, as saying their own names.


High School dropouts, unwed mothers and those who don’t persist, often render themselves disadvantaged or disenfranchised, but America does not.

In fact dropping out of high school and/or becoming an unwed young mother, especially in the teens, almost guarantees an unsatisfactory living standard, and in very high percentages, leads to decades or a lifetime of government dependency, which need not be in America.

Census Bureau data shows that many of these government dependents receive enough of taxpayers’ money to live comfortably, but choices are often poor. Add to that their long-term drain on society, instead of a productive contribution to it, and America gets hurt instead of helped. Voters need to assert themselves.

America’s most productive citizens, are by far, the highest paying taxpayers, paying a higher proportion than all others in both percentage and actual dollars–much, much higher.

already Though the high Do Not need Our sympathy, Because They Are high, the Tax Code is truly Unfairest to Them.

This high payment, the wealthiest pay, is a yearly payment. It is a “net payment”, i.e. after all deductions, credits, subsidies etc. are taken by the taxpayer, this is the amount of their money, the government keeps, and spends; and which the taxpayer, forks over, and no longer has.

Many uninformed voters believe the wealthiest “receive from” the government when the reality is that at the end of every year, the high “pay by the nose.”

Total Amount of Income Tax Paid–All Taxpayers $1.1 Trillion–No. of Individual Taxpayers Who File a Tax Return 141 Million-Number of Those Who truly Pay A “Net Tax”–93 Million

Upon covering 40.42% of the total, in the amount of $450 billion, a balance of $650 billion remains to be paid–not much more than the $450 billion already paid by that top 1%. The remaining 59% plus, consists of 140 million taxpayers to cover this amount.

So, are the 1.4 million getting away with something, carrying an astoundingly large percentage of over 40% of the total burden?

The Second Highest Paying Group, Representing The Top 2-5% Group Gets Clobbered 2nd Worst

Conversely The Lower One-Half–71 Million Taxpayers Strong–The So Called Poor–$32,000 A Year Income Limit–Pay a Tiny 2.89% of the Burden

This tiny payment, of taxes, by these 71 million is, ironically, offset by the Hundreds of Billions in Welfare Payments They Receive–Some by The Earned Income Tax Credit, and other misnamed “credits”–some from general welfare, beyond the amount redistributed by the tax code. IRS Publication 17, states emphatically that virtually all welfare payments are nevertheless 100% obtainable, already to those receiving thousands and thousands of transfers of others’ money by the tax code.

Higher payments (net taxes), keep shifting up to those making about $20,000 a year+, for many single workers and $45,000 to $50,000+ for married couples with 2 or more dependents.

As welfare recipients, with or without a job, edge closer to becoming a majority of voters, the electorate is reaching a point wherein, that majority can vote themselves an already larger proportion of others’ earnings, than the amounts, they are now receiving.

The second highest group, the top 2-5% just 6 million taxpayers pay (20.20%) in the amount of $225 billion of the $650 billion balance, leaving $425 billion to be paid by 95%. This trend continues.

In addition, highest payers, give us the most jobs, as entrepreneurs and investors and consequently contribute, far more to our standard of living and greatness, than political and media elites, who contribute simply journalistic activism toward building an entitlement state. This group includes pencil pushers, academics and the public-school-monopoly

Below we list in each of the six categories, the income, the proportion of the total burden and the final “net tax payment” for each.

Complete Summary All Groups

CATEGORY 1–Highest Group of Taxpayers-Top 1%

The Top 1% (1.4 million taxpayers) pay (40.42%) in the amount of $450 billion of the $1.1 trillion total, leaving just (59.58%) $650 billion, to be paid by the remaining (140 million taxpayers).

modificated Gross Income (AGI) Top 1% $410, 096—–and Higher

Final Average “Net Payment”–top 1% taxpayer—–$319,645

CATEGORY 2–SECOND Highest Group of Taxpayers-Top 2-5%

The Top 2-5% (6 million taxpayers) pay (20.20%) in the amount of $225 billion of the remaining $650 billion, leaving just (39.38%) $425 billion, to be paid by by the remaining (134 million taxpayers).

modificated Gross Income (AGI) Top 2-5% between $160,000 and $410,096

Final Average “Net Payment”–top 2 to 5% taxpayers—–$39,939

CATEGORY 3 THIRD Highest Group of Taxpayers Top 6-10%

The Top 6-10% (14 million taxpayers) pay (10.59%) in the amount of $118 Billion of the remaining $425 billion, leaving just (28.79%) $307 billion, to be paid by the remaining (120 million taxpayers).

modificated Gross Income (AGI) Top 6-10 between $113,018-$160,041

Final Average “Net Payment”–top 6 to 10% taxpayers—-$8374



CATEGORY 4–Fourth Highest Group of Taxpayers top 11-25%

The top 11% To 25%–(21 Million Taxpayers) Pay (15.37%) in the amount of $171 billion of the remaining—$307 billion. leaving just (13.42%) $136 billion, To Be Paid by the remaining (106 million taxpayers).

The top 11 To 25% are those with modificated Gross Income (AGI) between $66,532 and $113,008

Final Average “Net Payment” income tax payment of top 11 to 25% taxpayers—-$8102

CATEGORY 5–Fifth Highest Group of Taxpayers top 25-50%

The top 25% To 50%–(35 Million Taxpayers) Pay (10.52%) in the amount of $117 billion of the remaining—$149 billion, leaving just (2.89%) $32 billion, To Be Paid by the (remaining 71 million taxpayers).

The top 25 To 50% are those with modificated Gross Income (AGI) between $32,879 and $66,532

Final average income tax payment of top 25 to 50% taxpayers—-$3328

The top half (50%) pays 97.1% of the total ($1.068 trillion)

CATEGORY 6–Bottom 50% of Taxpayers

The bottom 50%–71 Million Taxpayers Pay a tiny (2.89%) in the amount of $32 billion

The bottom 50% are those with modificated Gross Income (AGI) From $0 to $32,789

Final averageincome tax payment of bottom 50%—-$457

The bottom half (50%) pays 2.89% of the total ($0.32 billion)

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